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  1. Hi everyone! Merry Christmas!

    I have been using this forum for a couple years to help figure out my problems. I figured it was about time to start a grow journal for the first time.

    Let me start with what I've got going
    1st room
    -2 600w meizhi led grow lamps
    -3.5ftx3.5ftx8ft tall
    -5 feminized crown Royal seeds from crop king
    -Local hydroponics stores pro mix soil
    -starting in 1gallon pots
    -5 gallon pails with drilled out hole on the bottom
    -remos full line nutrients (125$ for the supercharged kit,7 1L bottles)
    - 12in fan
    -18/6 time schedule

    Second room (experiment room)
    -30+ bag seed(unknown strain) I had gotten a oz of weed off a fellow grower that does not sex his plants (big grow with barely any maintenance)
    - 4- 3ft t5 bar lights +150w cfl
    - 3ft x 2ft x 3 ft tall
    - red Solo cups, one re-useable grocery bag , 2$ bathroom container from Dollar store
    - local hydroponics pro mix soil
    - 18/6 time schedule

    My plan is to test my 30+ plants with different techniques. I am trying my hand at root trimming, I know my yeild in my little tent won't be big but it's more for learning reasons.

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  2. Here's the update on the small tent.

    So I came home and found that my cat had figured out how to open my tent door and figure he would hang out in there all afternoon (it's cold in Canada ) he knocked over all my lights and decided to push all the plants over to one side so he could lay down.

    I repositioned all my babies and made sure that the cat couldn't get into the room anymore.

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  3. Updated on my experiment tent

    So I am trying to perfect the different techniques on all of these little babies
    -The 6 in the far left corner I and trying different tie down techniques
    - 4 in the middle (back) I am trying some very high stress training. Pinching the stem very hard, breaking parts of the top to see what happens
    -8 in the middle I'm letting those be my benchmark test with no training
    -9 bottom right corner, all of these have been topped with different techniques ( scissors, pruning sheers, razor blade and pinching)

    Tie down
    High stress

    Let me know if anyone has some ideas they want me to try out!
  4. Update
    Moved my experiment tent to an experiment closet for added space. All the plants are doing fairly good only a few minor yellowing leaves but not a big deal.

    It's ridiculous how you can trim the roots with minor production in growth. I will write up a bit more on how I'm doing that later.

    Update on my crown Royal
    Have done some lst on 3 of 5 and they are all doing well. With the 2 I haven't lst, I don't know if I can/should it's crazy how many of the nodes are shooting out

    I will update pictures later today
  5. Here's the updated pictures of my girls IMG_20171231_105447.jpg IMG_20171231_105441.jpg IMG_20171231_105429.jpg IMG_20171231_105421.jpg IMG_20171231_105414.jpg
  6. Heres how I'm trimming my roots in the red Solo cups ....

    I wait until a day before watering when the soil has separated from the sides of the cup. Then I take the plant out and take my surgical scissors and trim off and of the root balls that have formed that's it....all 24 that I have root trimmed hasn't even slowed down in growth they have stems almost as thick as a AAA battery IMG_20171231_105619.jpg IMG_20171231_105554.jpg IMG_20171231_105753.jpg
  7. Update on my girls
    They've all exploded with growth since I've started giving them Remo nutrients (Remo grow,micro,velokelp,nature's candy, MagNifiCal) besides one

    Here's the 4 that are looking great
    IMG_20180105_122307.jpg IMG_20180105_122310.jpg IMG_20180105_122313.jpg IMG_20180105_122322.jpg
    I've had to tie these girls down so much to keep a nice and even canopy

    Now I've figured out where I have gone wrong with the last plant, when I transplanted from a 1 gallon to a 5 gallon I believe I packed the soil too much on her. So I basically repotted it into the same pot and loosened up the soil IMG_20180105_122324.jpg

    The thing was it was growing fine you can tell the growth in comparison is quite small. I will give an update on how she does

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