Crowded Sunshine

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  1. Slowly disturbed i wake up out of bed, the sun is shinny beautifully. Its amazing outside. Were am i? Shit we have been lost in this maze of thought for much too long. I find my pants in the middle of the room and get out my veil of cocaine. I feel the fine powder on the tip of the veil. head down and a few sniffs. I feel my pupils Dilated. Its a scream when it hits me, i get up out of bed to feel the warmth of this beautiful room. Some sort of hotel. hm. Where's my acid i think. I go to my pants and take out my cigarette holder. Closer inspection i find my LSD is still there, 20 hits of window pane LSD 25. good. i walk to the bathroom and take 2 hits. I feel it on my tongue. and slowly i get lost in the mirror with another sniff of my veil. I order breakfast from the lobby and try to recall how i ended up in this warm sunny place. A heart of calm and peace, but the trail that got me here must have been full of shit.

    First flash back takes place when i look at a tattoo on my leg. My god, a Bell. I'm sitting in the lounge of this crazy club in downtown California. Twisted my friend mark leads me to were i want to be, a tattoo lounge what a perfect way to end a mescaline trip. Nothing better than believing the man with a needle with black ink wants to help you.

    Back to reality when i hear a knock on the door. Holy shit were am i. I eat my bacon and eggs while watching the local 8 news. Holy shit I'm in San Diego, how the fuck did i end up here. I reach for my car keys while i idly chew on a tough piece of bacon. F- u-ck i mumble under my breath. The LSD kicks in when i stand up as i return back to half crazy. "this is it" I exclaim as i grab my jacket. The commercial on TV is for some doors DVD. I slam the door just as my thoughts become one with the end . Confusion kicks in when i get to my black 1972 Fleetwood Eldorado. I turn my keys and my baby purs, the radio blasts on it suprises me but not in a conventional sense. I take out my cocaine and snort a line on the dash board. The vibrations from "spirit in the sky" rattles my nose. The lsd is full out, and when i lean back i quickly realize I'm me, look into the mirror at those Dilated to shit pupils, Put on a grin like jack Nicholson and push the pedal down. Were off, no direction, Fully out of my mind. Hopefully ill end up somewhere warm. The last human words i hear are "When you die and they lay you to rest , You're gonna go to the place that's the best" before my engine overpowers the song.
  2. too long didn't read it all, plus i have no idea what the hell you're talking about. +rep, and i'm not sure why.
  3. well i was sitting here and i decided to write a little.
  4. I like it. I sense a very strong Hunter S. Thompson influence here. I know this, because I am influenced and insipired in the same way and fashion.
  5. dude i really like that plus rep and fucking awesome
  6. yeah, i agree with durban. that sounds so much like thompson it's crazy. i love it. +rep
  7. Thanks guy's if I'm up to it ill start some more writing soon.
  8. Wow man, i love it, im gonna get super stoned and read it again lol.
  9. That was really a great read!
  10. thats very crazy lol, i really enjoyed it. hehe little scary side to it with all those harder drugs :)
  11. fiction or non? either way its certainly a good piece.

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