Crowded Places & 50 Going on 15 Lenzr Contests

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  1. Lenzr is a serial photo contest website in Ontario, Canada that strives for people to submit art for other guy or gals judgment. You can be a registered member or a visitor to be eligible for voting and also commenting on uploaded photographs. In a lot of different cases it is not the aspect of the picture that wins the prize, but the amount of friends and family you have to comment or vote on.


    15th contest on Lenzr:

    50 Going on 15 is the best yet for all you chocolate lovers - that is sponsored by a over 50 magazine located in Toronto. Their marketing division is generously giving a way over 50 lbs of dark chocolate
    , which is perfect as we all tend to get munchies a few times a day ;). The product is from a delicious Toronto chocolate company on Eglinton Ave. W. @ Avenue Rd.


    16th contest on Lenzr:

    Crowded places as we know is not the greatest thing for us stoners, but I am sure we do have lots of pictures of them. This contest is sponsored by a Toronto Web Development company located also in Toronto. They are happy to give a way a Black Berry Curve as the prize - now how perfect and convenient is that for us?

    Each contest will end July 1st at 12:01 A.M.

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