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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NugsNotPugs, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. I just turned 30 this summer and having smoked since I was a Senior in High School to now has begun to make me think of how sustainable it is for me personally, while still reaching other personal life goals. These thoughts have only become more frantic since my main buddy I get my vegetables from is moving to Colorado in September. As a creature of habit I like going to one person I trust. That’s difficult to find in a Midwestern state like mine where it’s illegal.

    To complicate matters, as an educator, I can’t exactly ask around my community when I’m well known here. I went to my buddy in part because he lived in the college town where I went to school within driving distance of where I teach. With him out of the picture sans September I’m void of a reliable and trusty source. I don’t want to have to keep finding new people every few years, especially as I move up in position at my district.

    Speaking of that, I am in a great situation where my mentor got promoted from Principal to Superintendent and wants to train me to be a future Principal within the next 3-5 years. On an ethical level I’m beginning to question my habit, as a teacher me smoking never seemed like a big deal so long as it was after teaching but as a Principal you are a more public face and in a small town like mine all’s it would take is someone to see me air headed in public to kill my career.

    Finally, a recent relationship ended in some part because my girl didn’t like that I am an everyday toker. While there were plenty of other reasons for us to break up and we are both glad we did (and remain friends) I wonder if my smoking really is preventing me from having a family like some of my friends are now.

    I really enjoy toking but I’m at a crossroads now where it just doesn’t seem as sustainable as it was in college when you are surrounded by 30,000 people your own age who all like to party is different than being a pillar in your community in a small lake town. I’m sure other more seasoned tokers than I know more about how to deal with this than me so I thought I’d see if anyone else found a happy balance.
  2. Bro, a lot of us have been there before. It all depends on how important weed really is to you. I stopped working for corporate bull shit and took a job doing what I do enjoy doing but at a cut in pay to tend to my plants and to start enjoying life. Weed is looked at differently and only that will die with time. You and I might not see that.
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  3. @Dogma1102 it’s important enough that I use it daily as a means of relaxation and for sleep. I know if I had to quit I could and I kind of am at a place where I’m divided. I enjoy the lift a lot, but the finding of new contacts, avoiding legal issues, and the expense (time/money/social) of it is starting to seem less worth it than it was when I was 25.

    I think it will always be my favorite downtime activity and definitely my preferred poison, but I fear before I know it I’ll be the 40 year old with no family and not Principal because of my current lifestyle. The problem is that I got greedy with it, especially in the last 5 years. My first 7 years of smoking it was pretty much only when other people had it or we all threw down. It’s when I started smoking alone that it became daily and almost ritualistic. Get home from teaching smoke, eat dinner, smoke. Watch some TV smoke. On weekends it’s even worse with the same schedule including breakfast and lunch.

    South Park had a really good way of putting it and while I laughed at it and thought little of it then I feel it more now than ever.
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  4. Sounds like you have more important goals in your life. It weed is in the way then you already know it.

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  5. You don't have to quit forever. I get that you want to quit for this life phase. One day our states (illegal here, too) may get with the program and legalize cannabis. I've had periods of my life when I didn't smoke for one reason or another. One day you will retire and can enjoy cannabis again. Good luck
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  6. Yeah for now at least may take a break. Who knows may find a new safe source but if not I can wait until I reach some life milestones.
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  7. im kinda thinking that you really deep down think it is wrong and standing in your way,so be it ,do the what is right in your heart,im no teacher and dont have education per say,but while i was working i didnt stone cause i too worked around children,and in my mind i didnt wont to influence them in no way of thinking it is right,they decide there selves,kids look up to someone they wish parents could be and that is the time when they become prey,not me a part of that,so i didnt smoke not from fear or guilt but from what was around me,i have never sold weed for same reason,i dont ever wont to have a guilt of a child going out and hurting themself if you dig,weed wont hurt them but as you see from this forum and other like it,you become amune to the herb at times,that leads to harder and dangerous drugs of choice,if your feeling this way im with stopping cause deep in your mind you think it holding you back,crazy shit is you can pop the top of a jug or beer no one has a second thought till you have a wreck or cause a job accident,2 hits off your favorite smoke and your and drug addict,addiction goes why beyond weed,food,cigs,computers,name it all addictive it becomes that way when you got to have and abuse it,so what you think,do you stop or keep going for that 2 hour high that could ruin your live,think along the lines of this old ass redneck,if you are someone in your house had to call 911,fire and rescue show up,no warrant needed for them to snoop around while they tend to you,think about it,mentioned this for the reason just couple weeks ago,a fellow was at work,while there gets a call from the law,check it out,high speed chase of a drive by shooting,car crashes and run right threw the side of his house on a corner lot,normally nothing would have been said just daily shit here in the hood,but as they went into house to make sure everyone was ok,came across his grow,guess what wasnt about a idiot that just killed some folks the coward way,focus went to a drug operation,guess what,dude had 2 plants growing in a closet,big time drug operation right,keep that shit in mind friend
  8. You can attempt growing. But just don't tell a single soul around you in real life about that sweet secret farm you got going on.

    My grow op is publicly known though lmao.
  9. I would love this option but I am told it smells up the whole house. I can't have that because I have guests over from work and my Dad who despises it. The reason I switched to vaping recently was the lack of after-smell. When I had herb in the house, even if I had it in containers it would reak up the place for a few hours after every session. I have a decent sized lake house with two floors, plus a basement, but you can still smell the herb in the upstairs back room when you enter my house. My friend who is moving suggested getting a plastic thing to breath the smoke through to kill the smell if I end up not liking oil long term.

    I am trying to have it all still, the biggest issue is discretely finding a new source thats reliable like my buddy. A good reliable person for that is hard to come by and without it I'm on a desert island whether I want to be or not. My other friend who is in Boston for Summer comes back in August and knows people but what about when he moves? I just feel like in a non-legal state you have so many obstacles especially if you are a professional.
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  10. You would have to buy some land which can get quite expensive.

    A lot people in my family smoke cannabis including my father and, older brother. My mom uses CBD. We all smoke or use medical cannabis so growing saves us money.

    I live in Washington state however you look in some land that's off grid my friend. :)

    Make sure its easy to transport to, inexpensive as it can get, and most of all in your case secret!! My mom is also a teacher so I know how cruel the education board is.
  11. Yeah land isn’t an option, I guess my retirement could be lit but by then who knows how I’ll feel about it. I just feel sad because I enjoyed it so much in my 20s and wish there were more options.
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    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
    Hey man, wanted to spout out on this as things like this cross my mind, but everyone’s case is unique.

    I just landed a huge forward step for my career in engineering. Took a new job and just started recently. I DO NOT smoke before or at work, but I do every night and all day everyday on weekends. I don’t get baked to point of couch lock. But I smoke all day on weekends while my wife and I garden, house chores, out to eat, etc.

    I have high anxiety/depression and have been through a lot. Many different meds, suicide attempt 6 years ago.

    I was ashamed when I had to sub for my drug test for new job but the more I thought about it. If it wasn’t for cannabis in my life I wouldn’t have been given this opportunity as it has changed me forever in the positive, (only medicine for my extreme anxiety/depression) but different for everyone. My wife can’t smoke and she has allowed me to start growing it to save money(~$3,800 per year)

    Anyways what I am getting at here is you can live a successful life while utilizing cannabis. It’s a stigma about it and that’s sad. Personally I rather have the principal going home and smoking a j to relax and wake up next day with a fresh mind, but you wouldn’t be looked down upon for going home and pounding a 6 pack to relax.

    I see no issue with it as long as it isn’t effecting the trajectory you are on in your career.

    I smoke a ton and I wouldn’t have my job if they found out. I am sure most in my industry would not view me in the same light if they knew after solving design issues all day I was going home and smoking a j and taking my dog for a walk at night. It’s sad but that’s current reality in our society.

    So I feel you man, it sucks but honestly you can be very successful and still puff the magic dragon on your downtime.

    I actually find a nice balance. My anxiety at work creates urgency and success for me and then to kill that anxiety I smoke at night and weekends. Balances it out for me.

    Take care man and toke up. Better than going home on a Friday and throwing back half a bottle of Daniels because it was a “Tough work week”

    Cheers all

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  13. Ps. I got a really good friend here in the Midwest who is a teacher and believe on a path you are on and received that Apple award thing for being a stellar teacher. Well yeah, he likes to smoke to relax too.

    Shouldn’t be judged, we are all human making it through this life and all end up 6’ under. Enjoy it while we have it and if cannabis makes that life better. I see no harm.

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  14. Thanks man that makes me feel better about it :) as a coach I won the award for sportsmanship for the whole State so I can’t be that bad of a guy. Plus like you I only partake AFTER work and on weekends/holidays. I just need to find a new reliable contact, and if not I’m confident in myself to go without til I find a safe reliable person.

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