Crossing SOIL \w/ HYDRO ~ Possible!?!

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  1. Ok I have a beautiful plant that is in a very small pot. Maybe a gallon but I am sure it is a bit smaller. So I am a INDO/HYDRO specialist. Self taught on that front. So my BUD-dy planted some seeds in soil before I got to the show and now I have a potentially beautiful plant. That I want clone and I want to make it a mother. But I only have HYDROTON. It has been about 2 months since it started from seed, and what I do know about feeding plants I applied to organic nutes for the soil. But it is time to make it thrive and the small pot, I am sure the soil is almost done with the nutes, and it is starting to look like its about to be a very unhappy unhealthy plant. I don't know soil, and I do not have the budget to even keep one 5 gal soil plant going. I have all the stuff I need for a 6 month HYDRO show. So can I put this plant in a 5 gal pot with HYODROTON? Will a modified and advanced HYDRO nute schedule work to feed the plant? And I understand that the soil might be a problem for filters and pumps but I plan on keeping her separate from my system and giving her; her own special feed combo and schedule. Any ideas, comments, bad idea to even try? I want to just clone her and then use those to make a mother. PLEASE HELP HEAD SPINNING. Oh an I lost all my seeds cause my BUD-dy left my germinating seeds in a glass of water for two days instead of 15 hours so this is my dilemma. :confused::smoke:
  2. if she's only in a 1 gallon .. take her out, rinse off as much soil as possible. be aggressive but not lethal, it's okay to lose some roots. sneak out side and hit her roots with a power wash even. then transplant into hydro continue on. she'll be shocked for sure ..but as long as she isn't in flower and you wait for full recovery B4 cloning ( hermies), I see no problems.

    good luck

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