crossing seeds from purple kush hybrid?

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    I've got four seedlings from bag seed out of a zip of purple kush. There looks to my untrained eye to be two different strains going. One is very bush, while the others are more "normal" looking. Reading up on purp kush, this make sense as it is described as a hybrid that is clone only.

    Now these poor little things have been abused a bit (ok, a lot) with temperature swings before I got a thermometer/hygrometer that recorded highs and lows. Lesson learned, and it is a stable 74.5 degrees, with 69% humidity 24 hrs a day now. While I thought the swings might be the cause of the difference in the plants, thay were all abused the same.

    I'm going to clone all the females I get, but I'm thinking of seeding out one of the small buds if (when) I get a male, hoping the cross produces the kush hybrid. I know genetics is a complicated subject, and I'm a noob to growing, so I'm not even going to pretend I know what I'm doing when it comes to breeding the strains back to the hybrid, but I though I would throw this out there to get some expert or at least more knowledgeable opinions.

    Edited to add: OK, I've been reading up on Mendel's genetic laws. It looks like if this is F2, and the P= Hindu Kush & Purple Afgani, than F2 = 1 HK, 1PK, 2 PK on average? This is assuming that the two parent strains are stable. If they are not stable, F2 can come in 16 different varieties. The more I read up, the more it seems like a complete crap shoot.

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