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Crossing Borders

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Buddha2.0, May 27, 2010.

  1. Im leaving for Canada tomorrow and i want to bring some bud with me for i know i won't have any time to stop and try and buy bud once in Canada. So i was wondering do they even check for weed or drugs at the border?

  2. Yeah they do. Randomly I believe. Some places also have dogs. But man seriously, I'm from canada and depending on where you're going, it really won't take much time to buy hoots, maybe like an hour or two at the most.

    I dunno, if even that amount of time isn't possible, I'd suggest not bringing it. As far as I know you'll be dealing with U.S. customs first, who are WAY more bitchy about pot that canadian border patrol. A lot of authority figures in Canada don't give a shit about pot, hell a lot of them do it too.

    Personally I'd say if it's not a long period of time you're here (sounds like it won't be if you don't have time to stop to buy) just go sober for a bit. Really not worth the risk of being caught trying to import or export drugs.

    Hope that helped

  3. Yeah im going on a fishing trip up there for a week or so thats why i was wondering... I was thinking a putting my bud in a deodrent stick and bringing it up that way
  4. i just crosseed the border to canada a while ago, guess what, they search all your bags in the back, yet they never search under the seat (at least not for me) i could have put an ounce under my seat haha
  5. I've crossed a few times in a VW bug and never got searched. One time though I had some full car X-ray and they searched inside the convertable top fabric... but that's it. I have been searched in the IROC twice. For both I had some weed stuffed under the dash above the ECM :smoking:
    I have seen dogs though a few times so I'd be weary to test my luck every time. (Niagara Falls border) perhaps there's a less busy border with less security?
  6. I'd pass on it and just pick some up there. Not worth taking the risk of getting caught or anything plus you'll get to try some stuff from another country.

  7. Haha haven't tried dope till you've tried canadian :D


    Yeah im going on a fishing trip up there for a week or so thats why i was wondering... I was thinking a putting my bud in a deodrent stick and bringing it up that way

    I'd say if you absolutely have to bring it down, that would be a pretty smart way about it.

  8. Whenever I went to Canada Getting in wasn't really an issue, getting out however, that was the problem. Hope that helps, been stopped 3/4 times going back into US and 0 times going into Canada (In the Past 2 years).
  9. that sucks for you, bringing up weed from the US into canada is like bringing a bag of mcdonalds to eat in a delicious restaurant.
    But I know its really hard to get some nugs if you don't know anyone. So do what you have to do, but be very careful, you don't want to get in trouble for that shit, that would suck.

  10. makes so much sense its sig worthy.
  11. I know ill be in wawa ontario saturday afternoon until 7 the next morning. So just pm if your in wawa
  12. You're going to Canada. You can find bud up there for cheaper than you can get it here. Check out some of the local smoke shops, from what I hear they smoke there frequently.

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