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  1. Hello all... :metal:
    I have a question about AF seeds.
    I really need many, many AF seeds, and due to the price, it will be a very expensive story. So why not make some own, home made seeds insted :ey:
    But how do I do? Can I cross 1 autoflowering female with a non auto male? How can I be shore that the auto genetics have been transmitted to the new seeds?
    Ore must I cross 2 auto parents for make auto seeds?
    And if I want the seeds to be female, can I use Gilbert. acid as you  use it uselly?
    And finally..... Can anyone recomend a seedshop who selling AF-Seeds, not expensive in bulk? And any recomendation for a good AF strain?
    Thanx /MN

  2. i think you have to cross 2 autoflowers to keep 100% auto or you could stress the plant to make a hermie but then it may carry  the hermie genetics,and i think seedsman may sell wholesale seeds
  3. Just out of curiosity, why do you need so many autoflowers? Why not go photo period and clone them...?
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    As it is, autoflowers are about 10% ruderalis, you could take a male non auto, pollinate your female AF, grow her out. The seeds from this have a chance of about 5% auto ( ruderalis ) . Grow these seeds paying attention to those which actually flower with no light change, both male and female, pick the best male and female from what you have grown and breed them. You now have your own home made seed stock of majority auto flower seeds.
    I don hav the space for a dark room. And if I turn the light of, the girls in veg will suffer. So I decided to go Auto.  I will grow 8 AF in 45liter (12 Gallon), once every 8 week.
    If you asked me for 1-2 years ago about AF, I woud say that I never ever will grow AF. But the AF genetics are not as those early AF, like Lowryder and those strains. So if you have a good seed suplier and buy good strains like blue-berry, white widow, Amnesia and if you feed them propely you will get smoke as good as those strains who will flower for 12 weeks and ready after 16 weeks.
    With AF, you get your self good premiu yield in 70 days, from seed untill harvest. 


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