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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bongtoker4206, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Hi this is my first post but I need advice on getting cross faded
    I have been smoking for a while now and I want to get cross faded but I have a few questions
    How much should I drink (I think we are getting 40s not sure tho)
    Do you smoke first or drink first
    How long do you think I will stay cross faded for?
    How much should I smoke ( probably using a glass bong )
    How should I avoid getting the spins

    Thanks in advance for responses
  2. smoke first.
  3. I technically start smoking and drinking at the same time usually.  I probably hit the bowl then start drinking as soon as I get thirsty
    You won't need much alcohol bc being already high, its gonna fuck you up good
  4. dosent matter which you do first in the end you will still be crossfaded...
    if it was me i would smoke first
  5. smoke first to avoid the spins/puking
  6. I never had an issue either way with the spins, smoke first, smoke last. But if I'm beyond drunk, I won't smoke more. Too much intoxication gets you sick. If you had another beer or another smoke at that point, puking just seems evident.
    I smoke first usually, drink, smoke, drink, then smoke. lol.
  7. If I want to get cross faded (which I don't really like to do just because it makes me super sleepy) I do anything smoke related before or while I'm getting drunk. I've had one too many times where I was really drunk first, then decided to smoke, ended up getting the spins, puking my guts out, and unable to move because the spins are so bad...
  8. I've found that if I drink first, then smoke I'll get sick.  But naturally, I have to get pretty drunk in order to get to that point.
    The reason I've found smoking first to be better is that when I'm high, I generally can moderate my alcohol consumption a lot easier.  I'll drink, and feel drunk, but I won't get blasted.  I'm sure if you smoke first, then get wasted, you'll probably end up in the same situation as drinking then smoking.
  9. I drink beer for cottonmouth, which usually gets me pretty screwed up after I have 3 or 4 strong ones. Last week I made the mistakes of: a) drinking first, b) coughing while hitting the bong, c) only having Four Loko to drink cause I ran out of beer and I was too lazy to go inside, and d) not eating anything. I was high as fuck for a good 4 hours. Luckily I didn't get sick but I got to the point where I didn't want to be high anymore. Just be careful, lol.
    Lmao - with Four Loko you're pretty much fucked every time :D
  11. Nope, because if you smoke first, you need to less to feel good from alcohol, and generally much less than it would take to get drunk even. You find reasons to not get wasted since you feel so good if you smoke first.
    True - but if you end up consuming the same amount of weed and alcohol, I don't think it matters which order you do it.
    I do agree that in general you consume less alcohol after smoking - not sure if this applies to everyone though.
  13. #13 Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Jun 1, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 1, 2013
    I agreed, it wouldn't matter the order in that case, I just feel smoking beforehand helps with limits your intake. Some people will ignore it though and drink too much anyways, definitely. So you;re right, it won't apply to everyone since you always have extremes, never just the average.
  14. Yeah true that. I probably only had a quarter of a can but it was combined with 5 Summerfest Ales.
  15. drink smoke puke pass out is not fun for me anymore.
  16. never heard that one! around here we call that "getting twisted" or just "another friday or saturday" lol
    I always smoke first; just because I don't like the way alcohol feels on its own very much; but when I'm high mm mm mm a beer is the best thing ever!
  17. Smoke first and then, smoke some more. Forget you had an open beer and then smoke some more.
  18. why do people keep posting about this? smoke/drink until you're happy then drink/smoke until you're satisfied.
    but seriously no better way to show your (under)age than asking about this.
    OH NO. Age police guise. RUNNNNNNNN.
    you gotta admit it's really annoying when this exact topic, title and all, shows up multiple times a week.
    age thing was just a joke..

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