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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bongtoker4206, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Hi this is my first post but I need advice on getting cross faded
    I have been smoking for a while now and I want to get cross faded but I have a few questions
    How much should I drink (I think we are getting 40s not sure tho)
    Do you smoke first or drink first
    How long do you think I will stay cross faded for?
    How much should I smoke ( probably using a glass bong )
    How should I avoid getting the spins

    Thanks in advance for responses
  2. Don't drink.
  3. smoke first then drink, when you drink, drink really fast, and prolly 2 or 3 dolo bowls
  4. this is a duplicate thread; should probably be deleted lol
  5. Always smoke first then drink.  Otherwise you'll just feel high afterwards.
  6. Liquor for dem bitches

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  7. Crossfaded? Like being high and drunk at the same time? I didn't know there was a name for that haha
    I like to have a beer or two before I smoke. Or a shot or two. Depends though.
    If I have a lot of beer or liquor, and not much bud, I'll hold off on my first smoke of the night. 
    I find that if I have a few drinks and wait a bit, get a bit of a buzz going, the weed hits me much harder. It also settles my stomach if I'm drinking shitty beer, or really sugary mixed drinks. 
    Smoking before drinking tends to give a "full" sensation and I won't want to drink as much.
    It sounds like you are overthinking things a bit. I'll try to clear things up...
    How much should I drink? - Whatever you are comfortable with. Don't drink fast. Finish a drink, let it hit you, decide if you want another right away. Rookie mistake people make is drink too quickly. They may be on their fourth or fifth drink, thinking they aren't buzzed, yet the second or third drink hasn't even hit them yet.
    Should I drink or smoke first? - I kind of covered that, but it is personal preference, you'll find out what you enjoy more after a few nights. 
    How long will I stay crossfaded for? - As long as you are smoking and drinking, probably the whole night. The weed might wear off but the alcohol certainly won't. 
    How much should I smoke? - Not a lot. Alcohol and weed make a great combo, they really react well with eachother. They hype eachother up nicely. A puff after a couple drinks will make the drinks kick in. A couple drinks after a puff will make the high stronger. Don't smoke as much as you normally would when not drinking, you won't have to.
    How should I avoid getting the spins? - I kind of touched on this. Don't drink fast, and don't take big hits. Bongs will especially knock you on your ass if you are already drunk. Take small hits, and don't mix crazy drinks. Just pace yourself man :)
    Have a good time xD 
  8. back in the days, i used to stay crossfaded. Ive always been more of a smoker but most of my friends prefer drinking so we would spark up a blunt then hit up a party or a kickback and get crunk with a couple rounds of beer pong. *sigh* good times 

    all bullshit aside though, i've never been a big fan of drinking. particularly because the times i have gotten really drunk i ended up sleeping and then puking the next morning in some strange places. I think I hold my liquor better when Im lifted though
  9. I like to smoke before drinking. But if I'm only drinking beer and no liquor than smoke and drink at the same time.
  10. You first smoke as much as possible..... Then you precede to drink as much as possible. Then you passout and when you wake up, you do it again. And that is the way life was meant to be lived.
  11. Drink then smoke or you won't be able to drink as much

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  12. Hahaha Op is screaming underage
    Man don't plan it, just fucking do it.
    and drink then smoke, you'll get sleepy if you do it otherwise
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    I gave up drinking awhile ago, but I used to get crossfaded every weekend.

    I used to drink then smoke, be fucked up and not get sick.

    I used to smoke then drink, be fucked up and still not get sick.

    So I never really understood the whole smoke before you drink thing or you'll get sick thing. Just get high then drink and get high some more.

    Just know, being crossfaded is NOT good for your health, especially the heart. 

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