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  1. how can i crossbreed a mj plant with pollen from a fruit to get fruit flavored buds?.. I haev haeard this is possible but i;ve searched around and found no information on how to do it.. can some help me out?
  2. doubt it. if you figure it out, let me know.
  3. it cant be done ..... i ve been resaerching crossbreeding with peppers and strawberries and have had no positive results ........ i wanna cross some BIG BUD with a dollar tree too :laughing:or maybe a frog n a fish....
  4. i believe it IS possible but you wont be able to do it. I think if you use the technology of fusing seeds you can get flavored marijuana.but, nothing a home grower has the cash/ capibility of getting there hands on
  5. :hippie: i think if you look in to it a little you will drop that theory .....
    you think there arent any of us in those government labs with alteirier motives....
    canabis has 10 pairs of chromosomes=20 chromosomes you have to work with this number first and foremost ..... fruits n veggies have considerably more ...... blah blah blah .... the closest linked cousin is hops..... n were all working on it...:laughing:
  6. hops has been done. you need to graft a hops plant onto a MJ root structure.
  7. if you want flavored buds cross breed with a fruity strain BOG has alot of those also Spice of Life is very fruity too try mixing those together
  8. I heard that you can take a leaf from a fruit like a strawberry and if it has those white hairs on them, your supose to rub it on the leafs or some shit.. i dont know if thats true...but its worth a shot at this point..
  9. how is it done and what properties does the hops have when it grows?
  10. lol... just stop listening to whoever told you this.

  11. Copied this out of Mel Franks Indoor Grow Book:
    •\tGeneral breeding and hybridization

    Raise the males in a separate area free of wind and drafts. When many flowers start to open, move some of the females close to the males, and shack the males a few times over a period of days. Wait two days to allow pollen time to fertilize. Now spray the females thoroughly with water. Shake them dry, and bring them back to the female garden. This procedure keeps other females free of contamination from stray pollen carried in by the fertilized females

    Seeding selected buds

    Most growers don't want to completely seed their crop. Also, you may want to use several varieties to pollinate different branches on one female. No problem. Just carefully hand pollinate selected buds. A single bud will give you anywhere from 30 to 100 or more seeds (one good branch can give you 500) so you don't need to pollinate much of the plant. You must though be methodical. Before you pollinate any bud, label each branch that you intend to seed. Avoid top branches, since there is more chance of pollen falling onto other branches. The buds should be well-formed, and stigmas must be white and fresh. Withered stigmas mean that the flower is no longer receptive to pollen. Use string tied labels or masking tape to label the bud with your cross. Write in dark pencil (most inks fade or wash away). Write the date variety, and the number of both the male and female, and affix the label to the branch.

    The simplest procedure is to take a clean finger or an artists brush, dip it into the pollen, and gently brush the female flowers (stigmas). A little contamination from stray pollen occurs but, there will be few random seeds if you are careful and gentle. You can, of course, remove the plant during pollination into another room with males, or simply perform the pollinating away from other females, and there will be no contamination. Each time you use a different male's pollen, rinse your hands first and wipe them thoroughly before applying new pollen.

    [Let me know if you are doing this outdoors and I will suggest an outdoor method].

    A healthy female forms viable seeds in from 10 days to 6 weeks. Four or 5 weeks is usual. Wait until you see dark plump seeds splitting their bracts before harvesting. In most cases, you can't wait too long but, you can harvest too early. If seeds are still green or white they are still to immature.

    Hope this helps.

    Frank p. 300
  12. Has anyone considered just mixing some dried fruit leaves in with the weed, and smoking it that way? It seems like that would have a similiar effect. It might not work perfectly. But if nothing else, it would be a lot easier than this cross-breeding, gene-splicing, rub-a-strawberry-on-a-pot-plant thing.
  13. so is thier no way to make your plant smell of blueberry bubble gum or etc ?:confused:
  14. buy blueberry seeds or bubble gum seeds, cant mix different species of plants thatd be like mixin a dog with a cat just doesnt work
  15. lol blueberry and bubblegum are tons of fun
  16. Hops? Mmmmmm beer flavoured weed....... Shame, I could go for that!
  17. ive never bout seeds before i wouldnt know were to start and were i could buy small amounts of seeds not to be noticed bye the laws ....hope i dont get in trouble posting on here lol
  18. not really sure why you want to ruin the taste of it .... or the smell of it ....
    you want to smoke peachy/strawberry stuff try doin it after you got it cut n cured like they do tabacco..... or just convince yourself that the meds you're using are strawberries n theyll taste like it

    any luck with that big bud dollar tree lemmenischnikit?? THATS the one im waiting for LMAO:hello:

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