Cross of Master Kush + Shishkaberry - DWC

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  1. Alright, here goes. What we start with on this journey is this:

    1 - 1000W MH for veg
    1 - 1000W HPS for flower

    3 - Rubbermaid containers for clones to flower in
    1 - Rubbermaid container for my DWC mothers
    1 - Bullshit rubbermaid to create clones in for the time being
    2 - Air pump
    4 - Air stones
    1 - Bullshit plastic sheet to create more humidity for clones...
    Hydrogen Peroxide (H202)

    We begin with one set of clones (4) already flowering, 4 DWC moms, and 4 DWC clones to be put in the flowering chamber.

    {Waiting for all images to load onto photobucket.............1 hr later.........}

    DWC Moms

    Forgot 1 BADASS "nute" (its a nutrient uptake enricher...?) Diamond Black

    The Veg room, at start:

    The "wall of doors"...interesting (used what we had :) ):

    And inside the wall of doors?:

    OK so I got my nutes together:

    Then I cloned my plants that I am currently putting into flower, no reason to waste the DWC Moms clones, when I needed to clean up the soon-to-be flowering females anyways...:

    So here's the final vegetative/clone setup:
    ^^^Theres that bullshit piece of well for what it is...

    Then I flushed the vegetative water from the soon-to-be flowering plants, and filled with fresh ph balanced water and some nutes (not in that order) and threw them into the chamber...

    Day 1 tomorrow, we'll see how it goes....

    Here's dem buds while we wait:



    All the plants are what I like to call "KushBerry".
  2. Day 2 for the new clones and flowering plants...

    Nothing big. About 8 of the clones are doing great, 2 are droopy. Itll prolly be a 80-90% success rate, I dont expect to lose more than 2 if any.

    The new flowering plants got their first dark cycle since....well, their first dark cycle period! My vegetative room is 24hr light (which I am changing to 20/4 monday) so theyve not rested till now. Seemed to like it. No real issues... You see that picture above of the flowering plant that seems to be almost falling out of the bucket? Ya, bumped it and it almost fell all the way over......

    Any comments????
  3. Back again for Day 6.

    Clones are doing well, definitely losing 2. Maybe a 3rd, hopefully not.

    The Old Ladies:

    I added a screen about 4 days into the flowering process. Is this typically done and does anyone think there would be adverse side effects from screening only from flower to harvest?

    The New Ladies:
    (The screen is hung from the ceiling...basically)

    Ok, This is a DWC system. Just imagine a single plant sitting in a 5gal bucket with NO water pump, just air pumps. That is ALL this is, just with bigger reservoirs to contain more plants....

    And some bud shots of the Old Ladies:

  4. Today the small bud I picked 5 days ago was smoked :smoke:

    I dried it by rolling it up in newspaper and then after 4 days put it in a glass jar. Let it sit for one, gave it plenty of air before smoking. It was delicious and very very smooth, even after this small amount of time. The high is more sativa (strain 50/50...+/-) and is as id imagine great to work on :hello:

    Cant wait for harvest.....

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