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Cross Joints: Man or Myth?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by {H.E.M.P}b.Free, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Okay, so firstly, in reference to the "Toke of the Future" from Pineapple Express, would a cross joint work? Why or why not?

    If so, how would you seasoned tokers go about making one?
  2. people already make them....they were already created and used before the movie....
  3. not a cross joint but, to roll it takes some green, some blunts/papers, and some skilllled rolling

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  4. ya...they were made WAAAAAY before the think
    but neways...takes like 4 papers and mad skizzils
  5. Chill pill, man. I guess I forgot that I have to source check, proof read, research, double research, approve, sign in triplicate, lose request forms, find request forms, then publish my question! lol

    Thanks for the links though guys, I appreciate it! :D
  6. I've done it, used cardboard for the cross-section, rolled one blunt going out, and two fat jibs on the sides. Smoked like a wet dream :smoke:

    By the way the guy in that video rolls jibs like a fucking god...
  7. Yeah, but at least you filed the TPS repo... what's this? No cover sheets?

  8. It was rushed, but I did manage to maintin hard copies on an external drive for future citation reference. I was running on deadline. :D

    But I watched that video, that was an AMAZING amount of spliff rolling skill.
  9. i cant seem to be able to stick the two together....HOW?

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