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  1. Has anyone smoked a cross joint like in Pineapple Express?

    [ame=]YouTube - Cross Joint[/ame]
  2. I have never smoked a cross joint myself. But my buddy rolls killer cross blunts :smoke:
  3. Yeah I have. It seems really cool at first but in the end it's just a waste of time when you could just roll two joints and have a longer sesh
  4. Dude, a trifecta of joint smoking power, from the future. Someone must of stolen it from my time machine.
  5. Haha I never have, might try this soon :)
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    Yeah my buddy rolled a cross joint a couple of times. Honestly don't waste your time or bud, just roll a nice j or rip a fat bowl out of a bong.
  7. i have. it looked like a good one but it smoked kind of awful.
    but i dont like joints in general
  8. ive rolled cross joints and cross blunts. both verryy excellent :smoke:
  9. I have they are fun every once in a while the first one I rolled smoked pretty crappy but the one I rolled on 420 actually hit great got us all pretty stoned
  10. Very enjoyable experience, two zippos for the arms, and a buddy with a bic for the front. Lift off. Burnt well despite the fact that It was a fatso we each put a gram in....4 of us. WINNING
    By no means the highest I've been, but definitely hit hard, not harsh, but hardy indeed.
  11. Hell yeah lol! Me and my buddies were outside a BK like a year ago and my buddy just busted one out lol. Pretty bomb to watch someone make one. Easier than I thought through.

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