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  1. woaho

    just went to this dudes crib that ive never met before put in ten bux and he rolled like 4 grams of some chronic shit into a pretty damn good cross joint using straws.

    we blazed it i was high az fuck, and then hes like nah i can do a better one,,....

    so he rolls a bigger one using some better thicker straws, prolly put in like 6 grams and it was perfect ae like all the same size and shit symectrical etc ~ looked just like the one in pineapple express

    man it was a killer :p im soo baked right now i hope the above makes sense
    cross joint x 2 = damage

    it was epic :cool:
  2. i may just be new and not know the meaning of straws or something, or do you mean drinking straws?
  3. I always wondered if that would work...

    do you mean he used straws to like... give it its shape and to fill it in with? then take it out somehow?
  4. That sounds pretty amazing, I've only seen cross joints in pictures, unfortunatly I've never had the chance to smoke one. Well done! XD

  5. i think he means something like this
    [ame=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]
  6. real life stories guys. sick of seeing em in rec use.
  7. I'm sick of seeing you in rec use.



  8. agreed

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