Cross joint

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  1. So we rolled a cross joint and filmed it on my phone...

    [ame=""]YouTube - Cross joint[/ame]
  2. Why thank you, I just wish I had more space on my phone to film the rest.
  3. Fucking awesome.

    Just be careful not to burn them to much.
  4. hahahh fuck yo couch *****
  5. i think i would have punched that kid with the camera in the face kid sounds annoying as fuck
  6. Awee cmon . No violence. Lets all just relax.
  7. smoke some dank brah

    calm down :p

  8. very nice, a few of my buddies and me rolled one awhile back filled with some dank, it was nice
  9. Yeah I would have too...Wait I was the one on the camera
  10. Yeah man,
    No offence but when I'm toking I hate people like you . It just freaks me out.

    haahaha sorry m8.
    Just chill while yah tokenn.
  11. How did that even work? I've made cross joints with two seperate joints stuck together but not like that one with 3 ends and one roach.
  12. Roll one joint, cut it in half. Roll a bigger one, poke a hole on each side and stick half of each joint right in there and call it a day.

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