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  1. Has anyone tried a cross joint before, if so how was it. I want to try one so if u have any tips to help me out, tell me.
  2. If that even does exist, which I'm considering you saw Pineapple Express, it would be a complete waste of time, it would be a mess, probably fall apart.. yet I am sure there is someone out there who has mastered it. As for having it hit from 2-3 different areas as James Franco stated "You'll get extra high from extra hit points" or some nonsense, highly unlikely, but possible.

    If you could take anything from that movie, is that Cannabis should be legalized so you don't have to pretend to be friends with your goddamned dealer... literally "just want to buy some pot.. that's it!" Not deal with some criminal.
  3. I have done it before, it is definitely a novelty as I would rather just smoke two separate joints but the process is relatively simple.

    Roll a fatty, about a gram, then roll a small joint, probably half a gram. go a third way down from the top of the fat joint and poke a hole through it with a paperclip just big enough to pull the smaller joint through. Before pulling the smaller joint through, poke a small hole all the way through the middle of the joint, that will give you air flow into both ends of the cross portion.

    Lastly, rip the glue piece off another paper (just the glue so the piece should be thin, lick it and then go around the intersection in a figure 8 type pattern. Then, spark all three ends and realize damn, that was a pain in the ass and not as fun as I thought it would be. It did work though
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  4. I am going to have to "break up" with my main dude next month once I receive my med card
  5. They're really fun to make ! Make sure to use a grinder upside down, then flip back normally and keep grinding to get the most even burn possible. King sized paper for the first one helps, if not you can just throw some papers together, it's not as perfect, but it works for when I'm needy. Make sure you know where to poke the holes (including in the smaller joint) to get the perfect airflow, and don't forget to cutoff strips. Find some guides, they're useful.
  6. Don't really see the point, myself.

  7. I really cannot wait until NJ Legalizes, if it ever actually happens. Solely because I'm in my mid 30's and dealing with the same 2 knuckleheads who have both been in and out of jail numerous times because they are STUPID. Not only are we all adults now, have our own homes, safe places, I understand that when my one guy says he can't have people coming over because the neighbors get "suspicious".. that's a valid point. But when I invite him over I get complete nonsense, like "Lets just meet at the YMCA I have to drop my kid off for swim lessons..." or I love the "Lets meet at the 711..." NO! Goddammit if you haven't learned your lesson your 2nd trip through the correctional system and the almost dozen times you've been arrested for these incredibly brilliant meet up ideas... then IDK... guess he'll never learn.

    That movie made such a great point, although they stood up for one another until the end.. and it was actually the buyer who got himself involved by going back to the dealer, then sticking around him and basically waited for the bad guys to come after them lol... it still 100% accurate that dealers, be it whatever they are slinging... are NOT your friends. I feel terrible sometimes because my dude has been my dude for almost 20 years now, but I'm so freaking lucky to have never been busted due to his moronic methods. Seriously, just come by my crib, it's safe, a nice neighborhood where nobody gives a crap about anything.. hang out, play some PS4, or just take off ASAP it doesn't matter to me... but it's 100% safer than meeting at a public place ffs.... I swear NJ sucks to begin with, as do a majority of the people here... but I assume everyone in any state not legalized has to deal with some dumb dumb that "controls" the flow and not only just wants your money, but could careless if you got in trouble... as for themselves, if you've been arrested close to a dozen times, been through jail and prison... and are on the wrong side of 30... I have no idea, there is no hope for people like that... and they are dangerous, and back to my original reply... I am sure you will be a lot safer with that card than dealing with whomever you dealt with, even if they are one of the safer people out there... ugh.

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