Cross Joint

Discussion in 'General' started by That Sandwich, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. I just rolled this early this morning before a bowl. She turned out beautifly. Post some pics of any novelty rolls you've done.

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  2. Gold deal maaan, how did it burn?
  3. Still havent smoked it, ive been saving it for later this weekend with a friend. Ill post a report when im toking.
  4. Nice man Rolled up beautifully.
  5. When weed is legalized I bet they will just hand these out at churches:)

    [quote name='"Elechronic"']"What do you think Sarge, do you think this is paraphernalia?" "Well, it does say 'weed loading surface' on it."
  6. Just smoked this shit with my friend and it lasted forever, super delicious. The only problem is one arm burnt off faster and made the tip fall, but we loaded a bowl with it.

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