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Cross Joint tips?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by theejuice, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Ello City! So anywho, I made a cross joint today. Have only been smoking heavily for about a week, but have been doing it very sparingly over the past couple years.
    Well, here's my cross joint:

    Took me about a half hour to make, I did it by rolling the bigger joint in a roller, and used a pen ink capsule for the smaller one (I can't roll by hand to save my life). I then marked out holes on the bigger joint, and holes on the smaller joing, both in the middle, so the smoke would converge in the middle, and then cut them out with an Xacto knife. Then once I managed to get one joint inside the other, I reinforced the union with gum strips cut from rolling papers. The main problem I ran into was that the side joints burned too fast, So maybe I'll put it further forward next time. The thing hit like a champ. I was wondering if the whole "cross joints get you higher" myth is true. I imagine a big factor is the fact that you are pretty much smoking two joints at once. I was baked at 3 hits on this thing, something that almost never happens to me.

    Anyone have any suggestions or advice for making cross joints?
  2. i think you should make one end longer so that it won't burn down very quickly.
  3. It should be much longer, and should look like ---> ---|-
  4. don't do it.

    thats just my opinoion though /duck
  5. Not rolling both joints tight seems to work best for me.
  6. Cross joints suck unless you get them just right, which is something I must be incapable of.
    I'd rather save my time and just roll two separate joints. Not much for novelty...
  7. fun to roll hard to smoke, wasn't worth it imo.

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