Cross faded prank landed friend in jail

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  1. So last Friday this guy that I am friends but not super good friends with got super cross faded at a kickback. Him and some other friends went for a walk and he ended up in the front yard of this random guy we went to high school with named Kevin chin screaming "Kevin chin!!!!! Hahahahahaha". It woke up everyone and apparently he tried to fight the dad a nd he got beat up lol. One way or another he wound up in the drunk tank!
  2. loool sucks for him..least itsa good story to tell XD
    I bet u that kevin guy has a chin of steel..prob why its his last name =\
  3. If this is a prank then I don't even...
  4. Yo momma so fat, she got more chins than a Chinese phonebook.
  5. sounds like me and my friends haha.
  6. I wish I could be called Kevin Chin.
  7. [quote name='"2Pac"']I wish I could be called Kevin Chin.[/quote]

    Wow 2pac himself wants to be called Kevin chin quite awesome
  8. one time I was visiting my mom's mom (grandma on my mom's side) and a few of my friend's came over, drunk as fuck and started yelling 'thewarden! thewarden!' to get me to come outside and hang with them. I wasn't home, but apparently my dad just went out and yelled 'shut the fuck up, he's not here'

    also this isn't much of a prank, just sounds like some obnoxious shit you do while drunk haha. still funny though, I'm pretty sure I've seen many of my friends do exactly the same thing
  9. Kevin Chin, god amongst men.
  10. alcohol is the best huh? wake people up in the middle of the night. get youre ass kicked by some old dude. go to jail.... receive anal in jail....
  11. nice...:rolleyes:
  12. it was a spontaneous prank how about that

  13. It was a spontaneous dick move.

    How is going to someone's yard and yelling out their name a prank?
  14. Because Kevin Chin. That's why.
  15. that's a prank? or just stupidity?
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    My stage name would be ChinPac. I'd have the best chin, and rap about my glorious chin.

  17. hahaha Kevin Chin! thats a funny fuckin name, just fun as fuck to say outloud!

    In highschool, there was this asian kid in my weight training class named Douglas Lee Chang, now that is another fun name to say outloud.


    that dude could do pull ups for days
  18. If you use the term "cross faded" you are probably 15.

  19. Way too true.

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