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cross country road trip

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by larryslalaland, May 23, 2010.

  1. I will be traveling from the east coast to the west coast and am nervous about packing my pipes and pot. I'm a very cautious smoker and want to know what you all think. My concerns are with drug sniffing dogs. I don't speed and am a good driver but I've been told by some people that my out of state plates could get me pulled over. I will be traveling with a dog, does that help with the police dogs? I don't want to leave my pipes behind and the 3000 plus miles would be better high. I was thinking about making cookies or something so the smell wouldn't be so strong and cleaning my pipes. Has anyone traveling cross country had problems? What's the best way to clean your pipes so there is no residue? Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Yes, your dog will help with any drug dogs.
    Edibles would be the safest option for carrying your 'high'.

    That's as much as I can help you with due to the fact that I reside in London and am not familiar with using pipes/glass, or the laws and habits of the police in the US.

    Enjoy your trip.
  3. Look on the NORML website for various state laws for marijuana.
  4. Just make sure you obey all driving laws cause some states can give u a Dui
  5. Sounds real risky...but if you wanna do it, this is how I'd clean my pipes:

    High % iso alcohol + lots of salt + big gallon bag + all your pipes (or you can do it in separate bags, don't think it would matter)... shake it up real good, for at least a few minutes, then let them sit overnight

    Pull them out, rinse them with hot water, maybe soap, use a q-tip or something similar in case any spots still have resin on it. Rinse them real good.. they should be pretty much spotless by now.

    Good luck, sounds like it could be a real fun time if you are careful about it.
  6. I would focus on smoking blunts/J's. Less paraphanelia on you and time passes faster if your puffin blunts the whole way!
  7. Nail polish remover works too if you don't have iso alcohol. If you're that paranoid, do what my friend does. Triple, or even quadruple, bag the pipes and hide them somewhere. Nobody will ever smell those things. I read in some thread here that drug sniffing dogs can't smell the weed in edibles so you could just pretend they are regular homemade cookies.
  8. Just stay the fuck out of Texas. Good folks. Just bad laws.

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