Cross Country On Amtrak With Marijuana

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by marymarga59, May 29, 2013.

  1. who can offer any info on traveling cross country on amtrak with a fair amount of marijuana?
  2. Id imagine use same precautions as you do when you drive...anything over an OZ is asking for huge trouble...
  3. if you get caught it will be more suspicious that you have it to sell than normal i dunno tho im curiuos myself
  4. Pack it really well, very hidden with lots of layers/dryer sheets. Keep it in your luggage in an air tight container. Don't go over an OZ. 
    You can also break the bud to make it easier to transport, but it might dry out a bit faster. Worth it IMO.
  5. And then people got infractions/banned
  6. Make some budder, use the budder to make brownies.
  7. Just thought of this. You know how you put your luggage down below with 15+ other bags. Just put a random bag with no identifying aspects and hope for the best. I've gone from tip to tip in Cali with no problems, multiple times back in the day. I always kept it close to me though.

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