Cross Breed?

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  1. Not sure if this is the right forum or not to put this in but would it be possible to cross breed marijuana with bamboo and take the quick growing gene from it? just a thought, if that is possible imagine the possibilities
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    99.9999999% chance no

    thats about 1 in a billion. better start breeding now!

    Lloyd from D&D - "So, you're saying there IS a chance"
  3. that would be like crossing whites with monkeys! oh wait, thats happening all over the place............
  4. ^ That's how we got aids and President Bush.
  5. FORMER President(s) Bush
  6. Wow, this thread is getting dumber by the min.... it's best to cross a strain of weed you like with a fast growing strain.

    Two things you always need with marijuana... time and space.

  7. And Obama's any better? he is not.
  8. capn jack is right.

    yes im aware im gunan get flamed from the obama loving pricks

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