Cross Blunt =]

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  1. Me and a few of my friends rolled up a pretty nice cross blunt!! Has anyone else ever done this? worked out real well
    Tell me what you think? Have any of you guys ever done this? Did it work well? All together it was about 7 g's 2 Game Greens, and 2 Blunt raps to keep it together.

  2. Nice one man, I did the same thing with some friends last 4/20. 2 peach games (plus one to seal it with) and around 10g of a bunch of different heady strains mixed up. Worked perfect too :smoke:
  3. haha! Thats awesome man. That shit was burning for a good 45 mins to haha only 5 heads on it, so we were feelin real good man.
  4. Damn nice, I've never seen a cross BLUNT before now. Did you use some middies or that dank?
  5. It was some pretty dank headies, no name though. Good none the less =]
  6. Wow you guys must have been messed up:eek:
    I gotta try this sometime

  7. hahaha oh yeah dude we were XD. Its defiantly worth it but, it takes quite a bit of bud.
  8. wow that is amazing :)
  9. Never seen one of those before ahahahha well done dude :D
  10. Thanks guys, Such an awesome night
  11. dude you mustve got so messed up on that you was probly like "dude... hehe its a cross ... IM SMOKIN JESUS!". can i get an amen?
  12. 7 grams????? :eek:
    waste imo
  13. Not really.. 5 people, everyone threw in 1.5g, around 8 bucks for the blunts and wraps, and everyone got stoned for a good 3-4 hours =]
  14. I've tried rolling one but got pissed off and ended up toasting the weed in my illadelph. Not an easy task rolling one of these. +Rep
  15. ayy its little raggidty but +rep for trying bro :D
    im tryin to do this soon see how it goes

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