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  1. Hey everyone I need some advice to ease my mind a bit. So I had 4 plants I all started in mid April. They were all getting pretty big so I decided to take them to my grow site(which I also used last year with just one plant) well anyways I planted them Sunday no problem, well I go out to my site today to find my plants gone and a nice little card left by the sheriff deputy. My question is there anyway they can trace it back to me even though I left no evidence I was there.
  2. Call them as ask
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    you shouldn't even go back there if this is true. You never know if they laid out trail cams waiting for the grower to come back.
    and they shouldnt be able to trace it back to you if you don't go back. if they could they would be trying to arrest you already.
  4. Depends on the extent of the penalty for growing and the boredom of the department,
  5. Another question,when I went back there to check on them and discovered the cops took them is there a possibility they set up a trail cam. Even though I haven't been back there since and when I did go back there i had nothing on me just looked like a normal hiker you think they can charge me
  6. I think you're probably fine if you play it safe when you check on your plants and do the whole hiker/jogger routine and pass by to scout. Unless they got you on trail cameras tending the plants or harvesting or anything like that you should be fine. Stay away from there though and find new more isolated locations.
  7. Ok thanks a lot really helped ease my mind a bit
  8. Yes they can....but it's a big difference between a charge and a conviction....
  9. A lot of times they set trail cams prior to taking the crop just for ID/evidence have no idea when cams were placed...just like any drug bust, first surveillance then the bust....
  10. what did the note say?
  11. It was the sheriffs card and on the back he write down his numbet
  12. Write his number
  14. After this thread I started thinking...

    In the huge chunk of forest I choose to grow in I've stumbled upon old grow sites, how old I can't tell. But I'll be checking them later this year because I had some plants ripped last season. I might take a stroll down to the police station and ask for business cards and put some in zip lock bags at the other sites I've found in an effort to keep the other growers scared off
  15. Well if you do get questioned just say you were out for a walk and saw the card. 
    Don't go back, and don't grow on land like that for AWHILE. That spot is now a no go. Doubtful they are keeping FULL watch on someone growing a couple plants. That is a lot of resources. They use those for big grows. Also now you know that land gets looked at (probabaly have a few cops survey that area from time to time to kill people crops).
    At the end of the day if you do get questioned say nothing and get a lawyer.

    devious lol

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