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Crop steering

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Seed8ed, Sep 19, 2021.

  1. To the rockwool top feed growers - what equipment are you running and what timers/pumps are you guys using to schedule your irrigation events?
  2. I use all sorts of pumps. Or you wanting to run a pressurized system with specific drip emitters or something simple like the floraflex stuff?

    All my pumps operate with Sonoff wifi switches. Most often a sonoff "th15".

    I don't crop steer and that is not something I can tell you anything about. I simply set up drip frequencies by the seat of my pants through trial and error and frequent hand weighing of the rockwool.


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  3. Thanks meds. Yeah just something simple. Ordered the floraflex caps. Was just looking for a timer that would allow me to set a schedule down to the second
  4. IMG_3895.JPG
    Simple flood table with 1/2 pvc off the small submersible pump in my 30 gallon tote.
    Watering up to 3 times a day in flower for 30mins.

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