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  1. Just an FYI Cropking jacked their prices 40% for no reason. FORTY PERCENT

    when I asked why? ALL I got back in response was "use KING-10" with 0 explanation to my question

    anyway... I'm looking for a new Canadian seed bank if anyone has any recommendations?

    if you can't tell I wouldn't recommend CropKing anymore.

    thanks guys/gals

    Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 7.10.27 AM.png
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  2. Interesting was just looking at their site a couple days ago,
    down to my last 8 seeds.
    I used toronto cannabis seeds last time they were quick and so far
    I have 100% germ rate.
    Only problem is they don't seem to have many seeds,
    right now, likely why crap king raised prices.

    Interested to see other recommendations to I
    also have to order some.
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  3. True North Seedbank is in Canada. They had a nice sale that I took advantage of one holiday season. But I’m in the states and it took almost a month to get my seeds. Might be better for you being domestic shipping.
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  4. only problem I have with true north is they want US funds
    which makes their seeds over priced IMO.
    I have a buddy that used weedseedsonline dot net
    claims reasonable prices
    I have never used them
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  5. that’s weird. US funds for a Canadian company? I only used them because of a BOGO sale. Greybeard is my go to now
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  6. Most Canadian sites are in US funds.

    but most of them allow Canadians to use Canadian dollars at the sites list price.

    Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 10.07.05 AM.png
    I'll check out True north,

    any other suggestions are welcome.

    thank you everyone.
  7. that one looks good to bad they were not in canada
  8. not in canada ,but have you looked at swami,gas might make you a great deal
  9. Will any place ship to TX? Kinda like don’t ask don’t tell?for obvious reasons of course lol

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  10. To be fair crop king is the only place I've ever ordered seeds from...

    is 75$ plus shipping/tax pricey for 5 seeds(fem or autos)????

  11. considering what is happening now
    and the whole price gouging thing to raise prices
    by almost 50% is not a great move.
    75 is probably not that unreasonable but
    there are lots that are under 60...whats 15 bux??
    im in the market for seeds and probably would of ordered
    from there because of the variety,
    but will likely try another seller cause i'm cheap.
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  12. the seeds used to be $50,

    they jacked them to $75, 11$shipping, plus taxes, its closer to $100 for 5 seeds when its said and done.

    In the past they only had a couple strains, like under 20. which I was fine with
    Since they added 500+ different strains the prices went up. I dont know how or why adding more variety in terms of strains would result in a high price on the same seeds I bought 6 months ago.

    anyway its kinda frustrating, thats all.

    thanks for the reply.
  13. seed prices are crazy in first place,when they suddenly go up in a crisis it just down right tacky,tacky dont get my biz rather a seed provider or wal mart ,gouging is gouging,gas or seed,id move on to mate
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  14. Greybeard all the way! ive ordered from lots before and will never do business with any other bank again. From freebies to amazing speed they are the best..
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  15. Lisa over at crop king legit just told me that the raised prices because there aren't many seed banks shipping right now. (that sounds like gouging because of a pandemic?)

    anyway I'll give grey beard a try, I dont need seeds for like a year anyway.

    just thought it was interesting a company would admit to price gouging due to a pandemic.
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  16. [16:11] Lisa has joined the conversation
    [16:12] Lisa: hi
    [16:12] Lisa: are you there?
    [16:12] Josh: yep
    [16:15] Josh: are you there? lol
    [16:17] Josh: ?
    [16:18] Lisa: yes
    [16:19] Lisa: sorry we are backed up by 7 days
    [16:19] Josh: okay
    [16:19] Lisa: and shipping as many orders as we can per minute
    [16:19] Josh: okay?
    [16:19] Josh: what does that have to do with my question?????
    [16:19] Lisa: what is your question?
    [16:19] Lisa: mail truck is herew
    [16:20] Josh: why the prices on the site have been jacked up 40%
    [16:20] Josh: ?
    [16:20] Lisa: not jacked up 40$
    [16:20] Lisa: $10.00
    [16:20] Josh: percent
    [16:20] Josh: they were 55$
    [16:20] Lisa: now $65
    [16:20] Josh: now they are 75$
    [16:20] Lisa: and going up more soon
    [16:20] Josh: the site says 75$?
    [16:20] Josh: what are you t asking about
    [16:20] Lisa: yes, $75
    [16:20] Josh: from 55$
    [16:20] Josh: is TWENTY
    [16:21] Josh: not 10?
    [16:21] Josh: and its FORTY percent
    [16:21] Lisa: what strain?
    [16:21] Josh: ALL OF THEM
    [16:21] Lisa: heres a coupon
    [16:21] Lisa: KING10
    [16:21] Josh: I paid 55$ for white widow 6 months ago and now they are 75
    [16:21] Josh: WHY are the seeds FORTY PERCENT more expensive?????
    [16:21] Josh: you aren't answering the question
    [16:21] Lisa: because we want to and we need to
    [16:22] Josh: what a shitty answer
  17. [16:22] Lisa: because we are one of a few seed companies still shipping
    [16:22] Josh: ohhhhh
    [16:22] Josh: thats why you raised prices?
    [16:22] Lisa: even though our city does not allow it
    [16:22] Josh: okay, gotcha
    [16:22] Lisa: we are still shipping
    [16:23] Josh: gouging people I see
    [16:23] Josh: thank you
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  18. shady indeed. That coupled with I don't trust them to be good breeders. I am growing out their white widow auto now and it looks like garbage compared to the Mephisto it's sitting next to.. Greybeard actually carries good breeders and I can pretty much guarantee that if you order on Monday it will be in your hand by the weekend
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  19. Side note-

    Had a friend order some White widow seeds from them a couple weeks ago.

    only 2/5 germinated. (they have an 80% germination guarantee)

    so he contacted Lisa at crop king and was told on his next order he could get a discount, but they wouldn't replace the seeds. WTF, advertising 80% germination guarantee and then not standing behind it?

    this company is a crock of shit.

    and the owner Lisa is a shady bitch.
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  20. I hope my white widow autos turn into nice yielding plants. Wish me luck

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