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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know crop king seeds is very reliable. They have very fast discreet shipping and the genetics seem to be good. Only downside is no freebies, i had a large order and on other websites would have gotten like 30 free seeds free grinders and t shirts etc.
  2. What seeds did you order, what did u pay and how long did it take? Are they better than attitude or any other banks u have used?
  3. They sent me stickers and a magnet with my order. No seed freebies though. At least not from my experience. They have been very reliable.

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  4. I got crown Royal photo , low flyer auto, all seeds poped ,nothing to awesome as far as super good
  5. I order some afghani reg from kingcropseeds and I msged them threw there chat group just to ask about the temp and flower period and this was her response

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