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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by chud5919, May 2, 2016.

  1. Alright well I'm new to the thread, but thought i would share my current grow I have with CKS Purple Kush. I planted late January 2016 and started my veg. I have been using Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur nutes through out veg and just entering the 6th week of flower.
    I am looking for some advice from experienced indoor growers. When I switched over to my HPS bulb for flower I started to experience some yellowing in the leaves but not like nute burn. I figured my 1000w was to close and was feeding to much light for the plants and backed it off. I saw minimal improvement. I lessened the nutes thinking maybe nute burn but again it still worsened. I then noticed some improvement after feeding nutes again. So I think it might be a nute deficiency. I was thinking maybe calcium?? Take a look at the photos I have so far and look at the later in flower pics and check the leaves. Any comments or advice is appreciated. This is my second indoor grow. My set up is:

    4x4 Gorilla Tent
    1000w HPS Closed Hood
    6in Inline Vortex Fan
    6in Carbon Scrubber

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  2. How far away is your light from the plants from start to finish.
  3. looks great
  4. Hi love. Nice job. Ya mentioned a defieciency? Cant tell under them lights love need a proper pic if poss. Good luck love. X
  5. Well MoeMoney I veg with T5 bulbs then switch over to 1000W the start I had the light roughly 16-18 inches from canopy top...noticed some yellowing starting and over time have now backed it off to probably about 26 inches

    Thanks kym, best photos I got...I take the photo with the flash on becuase if not you can barley tell under those lights at all.
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  6. Thanks Man!
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