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  1. No funny business. USA availability. Can't vouch for their genetics but they do ship fast. Ordered on the Dec 13 and received my package today in central Cali. This is my second order thru them, my first was 10 mix pack autos and I didn't get this brochure then. Check it out IMG_20201221_123220339.jpg
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  2. Received seeds Monday and today is Wednesday. Taproot was not out 2 hours ago before I set it on my light for heat. Plan on planting today after work. 1608733355196451663163185193652.jpg
  3. I used their chat system on their site. This seed bank might be worth a try. TY
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  4. I tried Crop Kings twice. First time I got 2 extra seeds, 7 plants, 11 weeks and beautiful.
    2nd order only 3 germinated out of 5. Emailed and still waiting for a reply.
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  5. Dropped 2 more seeds in the water Wednesday after I planted the first 2 seeds. Put them in paper towels Thursday morn and both had taproots this morning so I planted. So 100% germination so far 4/4. One of the seeds from the first set IMG_20201225_081011941_MP.jpg sprouted this morning. Since it's a mix pack I named it Jesus:)


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  6. Bump. Ended up only getting 4 plants to germinate out of 10. Strains ended up being sativa star, sunset sherbet, gg4 and gsc. Harvested the sunset and gg4 and the quality is the best I've ever grown. A1 genetics on those strains. Waiting for the other 2 to have more of an idea. I hear a lot of bad about crop king but I'm sold IMG_20210406_225207516_HDR.jpg

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