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Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Sevs, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. This is old news, but fairly new to me. Blows my mind to tell you the truth..
    Thought i'd let you check it out..

    [ame=]YouTube - MESSAGE FROM THE STARS DECODED[/ame]

    wtf? what you think?
  2. WTF is this?
  3. i was intersted until they said what the message was. that guy wasn't brittish i don't trust him
  4. I thought it would take a shit ton of years before seniors segans message got anywhere close? Unless those big headed aliens have some way to interpret radio waves before they get there. Crazy ass aliens.
  5. I've always felt like all crop circles are hoaxes and i feel no different about this one. I mean come on if aliens really got Sagans message and understood it, why the fuck would they respond by creating crop circles??

    Plus like the poster above me said, theres no way they were able to receive the message and then come all the way to earth to create the crop circles in such a short amount of time.
  6. Ive been reading/watching a lot to do with this stuff and without sounding like im due to go to the looney-bin, i think they are alot closer than you might think.
    Im total new to this stuff, and was never much a believer but in the past week id say im almost conviced. I dunno, maybe i wanna believe.
    Check out youtube for more videos, check out NASA cover-ups, Moonbases, Congressmen and Army Officials or w/e standing up saying its time for the government to speak up.
    Interesting i think..
  7. Hoaxes. There, I said it.
    The guys who were doing the circles came forward and told everyone how they did it, showed off their drawings, DEMONSTRATED the technique, and STILL people want to believe that it was aliens. SRSLY?? An alien culture travels light years to our tiny speck of a planet, fucks with some wheat and takes off? You need to come forward with some better evidence for me to follow that line. There is no logical path from trampled wheat, to alien life forms.
    Would be cool if there was... but for now, no.
  8. I remember the alien believers said that there was no way they could do it in the middle on the night like the aliens do. So they did it in the middle of the night hahaha

    If you really want to get freaked out read the mothman prophecies (not the dam movie). That shit is down right scary, this coming from someone who used to routinely go out and look for "ghosts" and whose childhood is plagued by these tales of murder and poltergeists and shit. I would give an example but I don't think I can do it justice.
  9. link to your sources, please?
  10. that is some crazy shit man. Great post OP, +rep

  11. There's been multiple documentaries/books/sites about them man. Pretty sure you can find it if you can be arsed to do it. I can't ha

    @Sevs What do you mean by a lot closer than you think? I don't think the radio waves have even lest the solar system yet. Key word is think as I'm not sure at all. Would have to look it up.
  12. dude there is no way that a few guys with a board attached to some rope can sneak out and produce such a techical piece of work. Absolutely no way. Sure they were responsible for some, but how the hell do you go about flattening a giant piece of binary code in one night? how do you do it with out fuckin up once? how do you do it with out getting caught

    fuckin aliens man

  13. It's very possible man, don't underestimate the capabilities of a human being. It's an art man, I'm not trying to take away from what they did because that's beautiful man, wish I could shake their hand. The guy himself said it was possible, he just dismissed it as all alien fanatics do. And watching them create those intricate crop circles in the middle of the night with a flashlight, 2 of those board things and a long piece of rope makes me believe more than anything else.

    Also those aliens are way too stereotypical for me to believe it. They look exactly like grays, the most commonly alien "sighted".

    And I just looked it up, radio waves travel pretty much exactly at the speed of light in a vacuum. So I dunno maybe 30 years is possible, thats pretty interesting. As usual I hope I'm wrong about this one being a human.
  14. I know for a fact its possible, ive done it lol, in broad daylight, in like 2 hours and that was with no plan... imagine what you could do with some research and planning.

    Like i always say, if something smells fishy, theres fish involved.
  15. Guys, a real crop circle is different then you think. In order to really see what it is, you have to spin it, look up spinning crop circles on youtube. You will notice a design become aparent when the images are in motion.
  16. I looked them up and to be honest I don't know what is special about a spinning crop circle lol. I'm pretty baked so maybe I'm missing something retardedly obvious.
  17. I thought I was gonna have an epileptic fit watching that shit. I didn't see anything meaningful.
  18. Aliens are and always have been with us.
  19. One makes a six sided star, another a cube. Look deeply, and watch the correct ones. If you want I can search for the correct videos for you.

    And I heard that crop circles could be the result of the electromagnetic field of earth.

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