crop circles?????

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  1. what are they?
    where do they come from and how are they possible?
    crop circles have always facinated me.
    they are everywhere and more and more people cant prove that they are hoaks.
    I think if we studied them well like hardcore mathmatitions they would revel somthing.
    like messages from aliens telling us we are killing our planet or somthing.
    has anybody here ever seen one in real life not on t.v.
    I would love to see one
    they are proof that aliens exsist
    and there will always be non belivers out there.
  2. maaaan.

    i can't believe so many people still think it's aliens. :D


    ok, sure, maybe there are some out there that really are aliens... but seriously, do you know how easy it is to make a crop circle? hoaxers have shown us how its done so man times. seriously.... its NOT aliens. just sit down with a piece of paper, draw out your plan keeping in mind your path as you do it, then get your plank of wood with string tied to it for a handle, and out you go.. viola, one fresh crop circle for the news papers.



  3. moved to general

    crop circles=bored podunk folks

    I can just imagine a bunch of country folks sitting around with nothing to do.

    "hey clem, i betchu i cud convince all dem city folks that yoofo's have bin here..."
  4. i remember readin somethin some years ago about some crop circle, they said all the crap in the circle was broken down at a perfectly even 90 degree angle all throughout the crop circle. ummm. yeahyeah.
  5. discovery real crop circles you can detect radiation, intense heat (that does not kill the crops but leaves very distinct markings on the stalks)also somehow the soil magnitized..and perfect semetry. they made a challange 6 students 8 hours to make a real crop circle. making one with perfect dimensions not the problem, gettin it to be radioactive and magnitized (also with fansy -shmancy equiptment) was a little more difficult. they did do it. made the design, heated it to a point to produce marking on the bent stalks. they used some fansy-shmancy equiptment the whole thing was difficult to hide an it took 6 people an alot of high computers and high tech equiptment. they almost didnt make it in 8 hours had like five seconds left. we get alot of circles the latest last week. our latest circle was "heat induced", thats the last i heard about it.very interesting indeed.
    i dont think 2 or 3 people could make a passible circle with stomping a field down in one evening.

    aaaan werent these circles documented for years and years and years?
  6. heres some of the article in the newspaper about our las circle,...i looove how they mention all the usually find is marijuana lol
    Lovers of mysteries and UFO enthusiasts take heed: Paranormal activity is alive and well just east

    On the farm of Ros and Elizabeth three genuine crop circles have appeared. They were discovered in a wheat field Thursday by the farmer - who was baling hay at the time.

    Some possible - albeit maybe not plausible - reasons for their appearance include, but are not limited to: aliens, Druids, Native American mysticism, the recent summer solstice, or maybe they are simply the work of a resourceful and inventive prankster.

    Whatever the case may be, the farmers have but a short time to enjoy their circles; that field is scheduled to be cut today.

    "There's no sign of machinery, but they're so geometrically perfect," said Ros, an oral surgeon. "Maybe it has to do with summer solstice." Evidence to the contrary is scarce, "I don't know how anyone could've gotten in or out... nothing's knocked down and there are no tracks - it's a phenomenon we just can't explain," he added.

    One of the circles is nearly 40 feet in diameter - but it is the other two that appear most interesting. They contain an inner circle of almost 30 feet in diameter, an outer "ring" of three feet in width that encompasses the center circle. Two "concentric circles," if you will.

    The trio of circles are just a few feet apart and are in an area not far from...... - where ancient earthworks once stood - before losing their battle with the plow. "There's a lot of Indian lore about this area..." continued Ros.

    The family has lived on the farm for 31 years and have never seen anything like it. "I think maybe we were invaded by the Druids," Ros further hypothesized.

    According to Elizabeth and Ros, the circles are a welcome break: "Usually the biggest thing they find around here are marijuana plants - and no one knows where they come from either!"

    Ros said that when he first saw the circles he though "What is this?" then spent some time making crude measurements and taking a few pictures before calling The paper. "Every now and then there's some goofy article like this in there - I thought it'd be fun."

    Dale was there continuing work on the hay bailing process. "My wife said I'd been dreaming about UFO's," he said - before deciding it might be better not to go on.

    Elizabeth, who is an artist, was much more careful with her words. Unlike her husband she seemed dubious of committing herself to the question of their origins. "Whether it's a hoax or not it's still well done," she said, commenting somewhat reluctantly "I better not mention UFOs."

    With the hay scheduled to be baled today, and no explanation of their origins likely to come, for now Elizabeth and Ros can only ponder the question "Where did they come from?" while the crop circles are soon to be another one of "History's Mysteries."
  7. yes there are hundreds of stories just like this one.
    and I would love to see that show on discovery what was it called.
    I think every crop circle should be studied hard. the patterns and shit and compare it with some ancient shit there will be a connection somwhere

    and sure there are dickheads out there with nothing better to do like the guy who did mono lisa.

    but what about the radiation and the perfect circles some of them look like constellations and symbols from ancient text.

    ive seen proff of a hoax and lost of proff of aliens

  9. you will never get a perfect circle with radiation you would be able to see foot prints sings of human disruption
  10. "I think every crop circle should be studied hard."

    i think everything should be studied hard.

    i say, we'll never find out what crop circles really are for absolute certain until we monitor closely every wheat, barly corn, etc feild on the planet and capture footage of several of them being made. i'll be putting my money on that at least 85% are made by humans. ;D


    never is a strong word.

    and besides, they dont need to be perfect to get in the paper.
  11. so you still think there are some out there non man made?

    indeed a stong word never why do you think i mentioned it

    I would like to see you sit there desing a crop circle then make it with what you said. Im sure I would find many faults.
  12. Keep you're fingers crossed, they could still be real. Do they like tie strings to posts so they keep exact circles?

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  13. yes they do. It's really not hard. Some friends and I at college may do it at some point, but aren't really hard core about it so it may never happen. All it requires is a little logical thinking and a little geometric visualization and you could put one together without drawing it out.
  14. I saw tv show after tv show on this stuff,
    Some people showed how they did it.
    They went out at night to a big farm and everything was drawn out on paper befor they did anything.
    they used a board with a rope tide to eather end and walked while stepping on the board in a circle to flatten the tall corn stalks or what have ya.

    But i did see some that were miles long on mountin sides and on flat grown,they have no clue who did it,it never fades away.
  15. man i think crop circles r real...i know theres life out there besides us, i saw a ufo before, i know some r man mane but
    think bout it, all things r connected, hyrogliffix, pyramuds,maya ruins its all connected man, lol im really high.. but u get what im sayin the world is all connected, like everything affects something else ...odd
  16. Maby crop circles are real,but it sucks now because so many people fake it.
    It makes it hard to beleave anymore,but i also seen a ufo with a friend in 1996 at night after a storm blown by.
  17. man you know theres gotta be life other than us. the universe is massive, infinite, and its still getting bigger every second. our solar system is a speck in the entire universe.were not even close to seeing the whole thing. i dont think its possible that earth is the only planet with life in an infinite sea of stars and planets.
  18. Ok ok so you all say its not hard to do just draw it on paper and get yourself a plank of wood with rope tied to it. But do you realize when you are seeing the pics they are an aerial view. When you are down on a corn field in the middle of the night it must be damn near impossible to measure it all out perfectly.
  19. i smoked a mix with an alian once and he said if they were gona make crop circles they would make them look ace.

    well i may of imagined that but i really do believe in them. not really crop circles because there is alot of fakes. i eard they walk up the tram lines and cut the crops from there, so as they dont ruin any of the crops by walking thru them. but im sure iv seen a ufo, i was skating down the road and my mate was there for some reason so we talked for ages and ther was this kinda plane like noise but it sounded odd and we looked up and we both was so sure it was disc shaped. and iv been on my way home sometimes and id be looking at soething that could be a plane but it was going all over the place. so yea im really iterested.

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