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  1. One day i was walking home from this girls house i really liked at the time.It was around 10:00 p.m , and i was on the phone with my business partner.It was very dark out as well.I had 4.5 ounces of my personals on me(I normally never carry that much on me at a time), so after the phone call i light up a cigarette, and continue with my walk.And out of nowhere 2 I have 2 flashlights blaring in my face.I stop and say WTF, After the green dots go away from my vision i see they are cops, and i hear theyre radio.So im thinking O SHIT.They said "Hi there sir, there has been a b.n.e in the area may we search your pockets and your bag please"? I said no,but they walked up to me non shilauntly and said we are checking your bag.Ii said NO you cannot do that ect...One of the cops pointed his flashlight at my pocket and immediatly stared checking it,and pulls out my money(again i never keep money and product in me at the same time).He said "OOOO whats a punk like you doing with this much money?".I said "its my payday today and i just got off work,Now give me that back".He said "ok well see".As this is happeing the cop is searching the little pockets of my bag and then gets to the big one.He pulls out my Doja.shows his partner and they say(first cop)"so thats where the money is from,Payday huh?"(cop2)"what are you doing with this much marijuana?".I said"I bought it after work!..My phone rings.The policemen look at each other,(cop1)says to cop2"thats probably a little stoner looking for pot".I said no its not stop accusing me of such".The phone stops ringing.thre cops are opening the bag smelling my pot and the phone rings again.I turn it off.they ask for my name and for my ID.I tell them i dont have my ID on me, and i give them my classmates name at the time.(clean record)hehe.any whoo,long story short i guess, they take my money and take my MJ and let me walk.I know its not allot of pot to get busted with, but the legal limit where i live anyway, is 15grams.And where i live the policemen harrass and pick at everything to arrest or ticket some one.Tthose little fuckers smoke my stash.:( o well eazy come eazy go.No sweat off my balls.
  2. they violated your rights BIG TIME.

    no probable cause to search you, no warrent to search you, but they did. BIG no no. . .

    fucking pigs, i got nothing against them, only if they are decent.
  3. yea.i know some stuff now a days.i knew they were violating my rights big time.Just get 3 comlaints on a cop, and he will be doing desk work for a bit.:) (they hate that).expecially if u tell them that.I took a little trip to the library and aquired a law book to fuck around with them.:)
  4. how do you carry 4.5 oz's in one pocket w/out it bulging out and smelling up a 10 foot radious?

    Id like to know that one lol
  5. where do you live bro? And how can you just say easy come easy go... they jacked all your cash and alot of bud.
  6. crooked mothafuckers...once they realized you knew your rights about the search then they knew they couldnt legally charge you with anything they found and the case would be thrown they just steal it instead...thats fuckin bs
  7. you got fucked man.
  8. I had a little baggie in my pocket(about2g).And the 4.5 was in the bag.I live in the lower mainland.(east vancouver).
  9. the money was in the baggie by the way.not the doj...It says up there.
  10. I smell *coughs* bullshit *coughs*
  11. about the story.Sure you would think so.But it did happen
    and thats why i posted it in REAL life stories, you clown.
    And 4ozs are dirt to me.I can get that no problem!Growin the
    shit is differant.Im used to moving the stuff.Thats why im on this
    site learning techmiques and methods.And the money,yea too bad
    a few days work.Sometimes people like you open there mouth to
    the wrong person IN person,and where i live you wouldnt have any
    teeth after doing so.The whole thing was,I got stopped by pigs,they
    said a break n entry was made(common),and they took my shit.
    Happens all over man.
  12. Does anybody believe this guy?

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