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  1. Hey all,
    my friend has some plants and im tryin to help im out with what to do cause i know nothing about growing,
    he's go 2 plants (planted outside)
    and he showed me a couple times and from what i remeber (i was pretty blazed so my memory is hazy :-\ )
    one of them is kinda crooked, and the other one is wicked wierd, like, its got the normal look to it, but then when you look at the ground theres like stems growing off to the side and growing all out of control (not upwards),

    (im really sorry for the hazy information, im gonna get some pics on tuesday)..

    any ideas on what to do, the one on the ground appears to be growing fine, except, well, its on the fkn ground!!

    any ideas?

    I was thinking taking a couple of gardening poles and tieing strings around it so it grows straight up, is that a good/bad idea??
  2. well the plant growing all weird on the ground could be a branch covered up... trying to grow to light... it wont ever go straight... or B it coul be the roots... i really woud need to see a picture my guess it would be the bnest thing to stake it up.
  3. hrmm, also the person just asked me to ask,

    on the one that looks normal, the leaves on the bottom are beginning to turn yellowish/brown, is there anything he can do?? what should he do??

    he sending an emergency SOS! :-D

  4. Plants grow up tyoward the light. If its laying down, it got knocked down somehow. Tie it up is OK.

    Yellowish leaves on the bottem are fine this time of year in outdoor growing.

    Now go read up on how to cure the plant once you harvest it.

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