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Cronic pain questions .Help please!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by kunarbear, May 9, 2011.

  1. I have cronic pain . It is mostly in my joints ,neck ,lower back ,hip ( I had a hip replacement in 2008) & rt knee . I have been suffering since about 2001 and it has been getting progressively worse. I finished my last tour in afghanistan it 2007 and wound up with a opioid addiction from being treated with "conventional medicine". I did try marijuana a few times . The first two times i had no relief from my pain and was retarted stoned (dont like that feeling ) . The last time i tried it was a week ago and found that this one did give me some relief from the pain . I am not familiar with the marijuana community and don't know what to do . I dont want to be stony headed but do want relief . I dont really want to smoke . Is it effective if i eat it ? what kind of brands ? thanks !!
  2. This website below gives exact quilities in medical marijuana. It will explain which aliments are best for each strain. What they heal and so forth...

    KindReviews - The Mile High Standard
  3. thanks this may help me some too but are ther simpler guidelines when you don't have that much variety available? I think managing to get either a Stavia or Idinca will be difficult where I am but if I get thoughts as to which is best for what ails me (fibromyalgia, arthritis, IBS and a few lesser thing) I can start to ask a bit more to see what ther is. I'm on the east coast
  4. Sweetie, what you are looking for is a "High CBD" cannabis! CBD relieves pain in a slightly different way than THC and it leaves you clear headed! The most it does to your head is leave you feeling "mellow" - no real high at all! There are new strains of High CBD cannabis, like Harlequin, coming out of California and Colorado. [​IMG]

    Vaporizers are very useful tools. They heat the cannabis to just below combustion temperatures releasing the THC and CBD, but not the nasty combustion products. :D Much easier on the lungs and uses less for the same effect. If you click that 1st link in my sig, you'll find info on vaporizers under "METHODS OF USE- VAPORIZERS".

    Tinctures work a bit more slowly than inhalation, but are more discrete. They come in two varieties- alcohol and glycerin. Alcohol stings your mouth, glycerin does not. There are instructions how to make your own tinctures in my List in the "METHODS OF USE- TINCTURES" section. You can get glycerin at your local health food store. Tinctures are really very simple to make at home!

    My list has a whole section on "METHODS OF USE- EDIBLES" and also more in "NUTRITION". Besides info on the nutritional benefits of hemp seed and oil, there are recipe collections to help you learn how to cook with cannabis!

    We need to get you legal, too! :smoke: I'm in California and I sure hope you are too! All you need in California is the cash, ID and your medical records. Since you have legit medical problems, it's a snap to get legal. Shop around, the price of getting legal can run between $50 and $250. You make an appointment, go in, get a brief physical and chat with the doc, pay, then walk out legal! THAT SIMPLE! :yay:

    As soon as you are legal, you can visit a dispensary and ask for that High CBD cannabis you need! Even our little dispensary in the backwaters of rural California has high CBD cannabis about half the time! In the big cities, it ought to be easy to find! :smoke:

    If you are in another state, see the "Do I qualify" sticky for details. It's at the top of the MMJ forum at GC.

    OK, hon, I think that's about it! If you have any more questions, just ask!

    Granny :wave:
  5. Like Granny said, there are certain strains of cannabis for certain ailments. In fact, there's a sticky on that in this forum. You may have originally just smoked a very strong sativa which is why you got a stupid high. But different strains can have very different results with the effect they have on the user. Just because you smoked one strain and it didn't give you a desired effect, that does not leave all of cannabis out as an option to relieve your chronic pain. You could actually find an even better strain than the one you smoked that would be able to completely knock out your chronic pain as well as keep you mentally focused. Dispensaries have a wide range of strains, many of which could help you. Hell, if you even just do some research on which strains would be beneficial, just cop a clone or some seeds from the nearest dispensary and grow yourself. It's much cheaper and in one grow (especially if your in Cali where the plant limit is quite high) you could have enough to last you the year!

    Good luck with the pain. I have no doubt in my mind you will easily qualify to be legal.
  6. Thank you for your informative answers . xoxox

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