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cronic fatigue syndrome (ebstien barr) HELP!!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by jimboweedin, May 26, 2006.

  1. I have had this shit ruining my life now for 4 years and cannot find relief other than toking.Any help would be great,I dont eat rite,cant sleep good,inner body shakes all the time,the only relief is a good buzz.Makes for better sleep.I've been reading all of you stories and have a great amount of compassion for the sick,I lost 2 wonderfull women in my life from cancer,I think this is also my fate.I am in northwestern Pennsylvania and dont have any idea where to find out about a club that would help me,and also be open for donations at the end of this season.Bad luck the last few years has forced me into buying from greedy young guys that are only out for money.This year looks like the best year ever, but its still early,and its a long way from October.I would like to network some of my area growers togeather,I have way more seedling than I need,(for my space) and need to sex all of the cuttings.For someone close to me this could be a real good thing, you know,the buddy system.But mostly for now I really need a club. :confused:
  2. Jimbo, sounds like your first step is to see a doctor. You could be suffering from something that can be treated, whether physical or psychological, and something that might get worse if left unchecked.

    For support groups and such just try different search queries to Google.

    Good luck, and keep the wind at your back.

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