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Crohns Disease

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by PriMo XVII, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Im gonna tell a quick story of my Crohns and how weed helped.

    I used to smoke a lot last winter and spring. Then I quit and all my friends quit. I got diagnosed with Crohns in July. For those who don't know, Crohns is the inflammation of the Colon. It can result in: constant bowel movements, diarrhea, dehydration, tiredness, depression, weakness, nausea, pain, trouble sleeping, etc. Sunday I had a really bad flare up and was constantly in the bathroom. In addition to that I was tired and had pains in my adomen.

    I did research and read that weed could help. I decided to get some and after waiting over a day to finally get some, I smoked it. Needless to say I got pretty high and this definitely helped. The pain didn't exactly to away, but it didn't hurt nearly as much. If I focused I could tell there was a little discomfort but I forgot about it since I was high. For the duration of the high it was basically as if I was a normal human being. A normal human being who was high as shit.

    I smoked another bowl to make sure I went to bed fine. I slept pretty good until about 2 hours before I had my alarm set to, I was sobered up and woke up twice due to my sleeping problems. Today I havent even had to go to the bathroom yet, but my stomach is still hurting a little.

    All in all I found weed very helpful to treat my Crohns, even after only the first "dose". I hope that more states see this and either add Crohns to the list of things you can get medical marijuana for, or if they don't have MMJ, to legalize it. I'll update this thread after smoking consistently for a longer period of time.

    And this was typed on my iPhone so forgive any typos.
  2. Yeah dude i don't have crohns but i do have celiac and i am lactose and tolerant. For those of you that don't know if you have celiac you cant have any gluten, so basically anything that has wheat or is breaded. I don't follow my diet because i cant stand it so i'm always feeling nausea's with stomach pain and gas. Weed helps me out a lot especially when i wake up feeling horrible every morning from the night before. My friends think i'm just using it as an excuse to get high but it does help and i'm with you they should defiantly add crohns to the list i feel ya man.
  3. i have nudular mucosa which is a early sign of crohns and h pylori which wont go away, that is a bacteria in the stomach that causes abdominal pain nausea and vomitting when i get an attack. my GI doctor said right in front of all the doctors in the hospital that weed is the best medicine to control the symptoms and that he wished that he could give me some right there in my hospital bed to smoke but unfortunantly he still cant do that. i finally found a dr im happy with.
  4. I have Crohn's, Diabetes, and Celiac. It's not a cure-all for me, but it is an excellent additional therapy for me. I've been able to just do one pharma drug and the cannabis in keeping the Crohn's in check for 3 years now (just got back from my Remicade infusion, in fact.) Cannabis mostly keeps my guts happy/quiet and my gut motility slowed so things don't go through me so fast. I'm fortunate in that I only have to "go" a couple times a day now, compared to 15+ before. The appetite is great, and it also helps with the depression that can surround having to deal with 3 chronic illnesses. I was also hit by a truck and it helps me to sleep through the night and get 8 hours generally. So many uses and applications! It really is an offensive shame its not available legally everywhere. :rolleyes:
  5. Love to see posts like this.

    I've been using mmj without any pharmaceuticals for my Ulcerative Colitis for about 3 years now...been in complete remission the whole time.

  6. my buddy has chrohns, and weed helps him so much. crohns makes eating hurt for him, so he wont eat without smoking weed, making him get the munchies.
  7. Been suffering with UC, migraines and depression since I was around 12.
    Had numerous meds and nothing worked except for prednisone.. Which made me fat and crabby and have literally no energy.
    Started smoking around 4+ years ago and haven't intentionally stopped! lol
    Like floating by said, it's not a cure all, but it helps soo many of my symptoms especially when made into an edible!
    I was also just diagnosed with kidney stones (Yay me) which further restrict my ability to do everyday things. Glad you found something that works for you! I do have to thank the city for the most part, it's where I did most of my reading!

    Word of advice? Try a 50-50 hybrid that leans just a little to the indica side, I've found that it helps with pain and you don't have an overwhelmingly strong body stone.
    I was smoking straight sativa, then switched to this and noticed a better pain dulling effect.
  8. My brother has Crohn's but doesn't smoke because of the "reefer madness" propaganda that was spoon fed to us through the years. He lives in a state with MMJ so it would be legal for him. I have tried a few times to get it through his head that Cannabis is a good thing but he is just not going for it. I really wish he would because he is always in so much pain.

    I started smoking because of depression, anxiety, chronic back pain, and I was an alcoholic trying to quit. Cannabis treats all my needs extremely well, better than prescriptions would.... I think some day he will see, until then I am just trying to show it to him through the improvements in my life.

    I continue to be truly amazed at the things Cannabis does!
  9. Bud, your brother won't listen to YOU- you are just his "dumb stoner brother" :smoking:! So maybe he will listen to what doctors and scientists say about it! Try clicking that first link in my sig and dare him to read "just" the titles! ;)

    Marijuana and Crohn's Disease (anecdotal - 1997?) at

    Cannabis Alleviates Symptoms of Crohn's Disease (news - 2005)

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    Science: Treatment of Crohn's disease with cannabis: an observational study (news – 2011)
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    Hope that helps!

    Granny :wave:

  10. Thanks Granny! I am forwarding him these links. I told him to talk to his Dr. about it. He went in on a regular appointment and asked about it, they laughed at him.... or more likely WITH him cause he thinks it's a joke.

    My dad died of cancer 14 years ago, a cancer that has recently been proven curable with Cannabis. I showed him the published info and it still didn't hit home, so I don't know.

    Take care!
  11. I just posted about this in another thread. I have Crohn's and have had significant improvement in my life since I started to use weed as treatment. I hope that one day soon, Ohio passes medical use and I can use legally.
  12. I have Pernicious Anemia or Atrophic Gastritus-and my symptoms are many of what you guys below me have.
    Mmj helps, but I still can't put on any weight. At 5'7" I'm at 105lbs.
    Without the mmj, I shutter to think where I'd be or how much worse off I would be. I sleep almost all thru the night, I'll smoke a bowl if I wake up & nite nite.
    It's the depression that makes it even more screwed up. Mmj helps a little with that, but, I can't be medicated 24/7!
    I thank God for this most perfect plant. Now for the government.....gag...~
  13. I got diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis last year.. and marijuana definitely helps a ton. Sadly, it got a little out of hand, so I can't quite -only- use marijuana, but I supplement it with my Remicade infusions and prednisone (hopefully off that soon, 'bout to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, me and that terrible roid). Deals with nausea perfectly, increases my appetite, helps me ignore the pain, and just generally seems to keep things moving smoothly. Also helps me sleep, and in the case of a severe flare, it helps with the arthritis. I was wary at first, but I've toked everyday since the first time I tried to use it to help my symptoms.
  14. Hey flasharoo!
    How does the prednisone treat you?
    I noticed that I was getting result with it for about a year or so gained major weight, started eating more and noticing that my flare ups were not as intense. I just hated the fact that my mood took a turn for the worse, which made my depression more depressing lmfao. Not to mention the lack of energy I had, considering that I should of had more energy due to prednisone being a roid..
    But because I had been on it for a long time my docs started to taper me off it.
    and so far mary jane has been the only thing that can come close to relieving my symptoms!
  15. My girl has had UC for over 5 yrs (we've been together 3) and I used to go with her every 2 months and sit in the little room while she had her Remicade infusion. She's been smoking for years and I know it helps her tons.

    The prednisone is a beast. It made her hair fall out while she was stepping down the dosage, so be prepared! (it all came back eventually!).
  16. I have Crohns/Colitis. I smoke a little every day (1-2g./week). It helps a lot! Regular meds got me halfway back to normal. Weed brought me back the rest of the way, AND I quit drinking as well! I was not a drunk, but 2-3 beers a day every day was no good for my guts, yet I still didn't want to give it up.
    So glad I started smoking!

  17. Hey! The prednisone treats me terribly haha, hate that stuff. I've been on it long enough to pretty much enjoy every single side effect of it. Just got bumped back up to 40mg again too, my body just wont let me taper down. Every time I have to bump it back up, the side effects seem to get much worse:/ I got to 7.5mg last time, but got terrible again around that point. Mary Jane has helped an indescribable amount with both symptoms and side effects. Life changing. I'm glad you got off it, and I'm glad your symptoms are being relieved!

    That's rough, it sounds like she handles it pretty well though.. that's good. Awesome of you to sit around with her during the infusions, I'm sure she appreciated it. I'm stuck going every 6 weeks now and at the maximum dose, just can't seem to kick it. Smoking is really my only escape from all the symptoms at this point. Hopefully under control soon!

    I'm hoping this is how it works for me. I used to drink a good amount (22 year old college student..), but now I can't even look at alcohol. Just not worth the terrible day I'll have the next day. Glad you're doing alright!

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