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Crohns disease experiences (also loss of appetite/nausea)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Rhymesayers420, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Hi guys. I'm a Crohn's patient who uses mostly Cannabis right now to treat my condition. I use marinol occasionally and it seems to work the best for appetite but I'm not trying to raise a red flag with insurance (my marinol is covered) so I only use it occasionally. This leaves me with actual cannabis and it's various forms. Does anyone use a consistent treatment like RSO or edibles in controlled dosages, etc? I like to vape, dab concentrates (just recently pulled out my rig again from my move from Texas), and use edibles when I know I'll be in a tight spot to be able to vape or smoke. It just sucks though because (quality) edibles are not cheap and weed is already expensive as is. I am not in a position to grow right now because I live in an apartment complex that doesn't allow MMJ (well technically... but using it is different than growing it). I need to know some alternatives from fellow Crohn's patients or people who struggle with regular nausea and/or loss of appetite. For me these are the two most debilitating things about Crohn's. The pain sucks but you learn to deal... Being starving yet utterly sick and full after a few bites is torture. 
    Just so I can give back... in my personal experience: morning symptoms can be the worse with Crohn's and a STRONG bowl or two in the morning with some crackers is one of the best preventative measures against morning sickness/nausea/pain. I've learned that larger meals eaten over a long period of time with massives amounts of cold water helps too. Small meals are ideal, but it's hard to discipline yourself to eat small when it seems like you're hungry all the time. Alcohol, caffeine, citrusy liquids all make it worse and even though Crohn's is individual, these things are natural GI irritants. I love weed. I love the quality of life it has given back to me. 
    Please share your experiences:

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    Hello. Fellow Crohnny here.
    I was diagnosed with Crohn's in the summer of '13, a few weeks before the start of my senior year. I decided to quit sports due to complications I was having with my illness. I struggled making it to class at times, but on top of that I was a good student and managed to graduate on time with my peers. The really strange thing though, is that my older brother began complaining about intestinal discomfort right around the same time and he was diagnosed with Crohns not less than two months before me. I've only discovered I had Crohn's for a year now and it feels like I have been thru hell and fire already.. 
    From what I hear though its the first months after diagnosis that are the toughest. I am learning a lot on managing my symptoms and I learn new stuff everyday. I've devoted myself to make lifestyle choices, I've cut out tobacco, alcohol and caffeine entirely from my life. and I have found that eliminating those three socially accepted drugs has made a tremendous improvement on my symptoms. 
    I'd agree, mornings are typically rough for me. I feel like whatever I ate late at night comes back to haunt me the next morning for whatever reason. I've been thru all sorts of medicine in this past year. I had a bad drug interaction with one of my medicines and I ended up in the hospital with Pancreatitis. Now I am pill-free and give myself a humira injection every two weeks.
    Now a days I try not to eat the standard 3 meals a day (breakfast, lucnh, dinner) but instetad I eat small frequent meals thruout the day and I have found that to help as well. I try to get something light for breakfast, morning snack, light lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and then a night snack If I feel up for it. 
    I try not to smoke, not even mj. I mostly vape now to eliminate what ever toxins and carcinogens are passed into the body through smoking. I have found that the best medicine for Crohns really is MJ. It helps alleviate the nasuea and discomfort I might have. and it helps regulate my appetite and body weight. I have lost about 20 lbs this past year and I am already a pretty small dude the way it is. 
    I had two colonoscopies last year and I think my GI wants to take another look within the few months here. I love colonoscopies they are so fun... not. 
    I'm glad you made this thread. It's a good way to share experiences with other Crohnnies and pass along meaningful information. 
    Man, it's always good to hear experiences from people going through the same things. I agree... the first few months after the diagnosis are tough, especially the fears of future complications. I'm pretty early into my diagnosis although it took months of pain to convince me something was more wrong than IBS (which was what I assumed I had) and I needed to see a doctor.  After some preliminary tests and a colonoscopy, my GI doctor confirmed Crohn's and wanted to start me on some expensive meds that are $200 a month after insurance even though my insurance covered a $400 script for marinol. I just can't afford it right now so I need to get back and see him about alternatives after my wedding (in 3 days lol). You really convicted me on the smoking thing because for that past couple weeks I just busted out my old bong and started smoking again. Me and my fiance just moved into our apartment so now I don't need to worry about anyone caring. It's hard though because it's so convenient to pack up a fat bowl when you're hurting (as opposed to waiting 2 mins for the No2, grinding up herb, taking multiple hits, etc.) As much as I want to take the naive stoner approach and say everything weed is harmless and you can smoke it all you want, unfortunately for us Crohn's patients I think smoking anything does hurt us worse. I'm purposefully going to retire my bong slide and stick to dabs and vaping.  :hello:
  4. My diagnosis kind of slapped me in the face if you will. 
    I mean growing up as a relatively healthy child, you know about people who are suffering from illness. and you know about cancer and other diseases. But you don't really understand until you walk in the shoes. I was always healthy growing up and then I suddenly became very tired and constipated, and then after a series of trying laxatives and other OTCs I shifted the other way, quite drastically I spent a lot of time in the bathroom and I struggled for a while. I knew something wasn't right, I knew it wasn't "normal".
    I guess one thing that I can gain out of this is awareness. and the awareness to know my own body better than any 2nd opinion. I am thankful for getting the diagnosis so early in my life, I'm only 19 so I have so much time to adjust and plan accordingly. I also have the benefit of getting checked out regularly, just in case something worse were to happen. I just tend to live day to day managing my symptoms. Some days are good days some days are bad days but the goal with Crohn's is to have as many "good" days as possible and to live a normal productive lifestyle.
  5. First, you were lied to by the medical profession
    It's not a disease, it's an effect of a large intestine that has run afoul due to bad eating habits over time usually 15+ years
    The cure is to begin a series of juice fasts combined with cleanses that will slowly break down the plaque that has built up in your large intestine (similar to artery plaque).
    A negative side effect to IBS/Chrons is your liver is exhausted. It handled the load until it couldn't handle it anymore. Think of your liver as you do the oil filter in a vehicle. Same job
    Now we know you can't change your liver, BUT, you can clean it out!
    The process will also clean out your large intesstine, but you will likelly need to do 1 cleanse every 10 days- 2 weeks for ~ 10 cleanses minimum.  I have done ~ 15 cleanses. It's simple, and inexpensive, and gets much easier once you get past 3rd cleanse. Search Dr Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse aso
    IF you do this faithfully, within 4 cleanses you should notice a HUGE improvement in your health, energy and well being, but don't stop there
  6. First, Do you even have Crohns or any form of IBD?
    The cause of IBD is unknown and not well understood yet. So I'm not going to sit here and let you tell me that I developed this disease soley from poor diet. I've been healthy my whole life and was even a 4 sport athelete in High School. No one knows what causes Crohns, not even you.  Poor diet over a long period of time is obviously a possibility but there are also genetic, and environmental factors that can not be ruled out. 
    Are you speaking from experience or just talking out of your ass? Crohn's sure as hell is a disease. a disease that produces inflammation in the digestive tract. The inflammation can occur any where in the digestive tract, from your mouth to your ass. The Colon and small intestine are most commonly affected. 
    Do you have any basis for your information? any links? anything? 
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    Again, you were lied to.
    The cause IS known, but big pharma only makes money selling meds.
    I get that you don't get that, but that doesn't change the facts.
    It would be kind of hard for me to provide all those details without knowledge, don't you think?
    Search for Jordan Rubin's book Patient Heal Thyself
    The product he promotes is only so-so, but the info is sound
    Hope you can get past the lie, and get on with healing yourself
  8. I don't doubt that there are natural ways to significantly improve your health but that is no cure. I acknowledge the fact that people have taken natural methods to help their alleviate their illness.
    I was not lied to. The cause is unknown. You have 0 basis for your information. I have a disease that is producing inflamattion in my gut. There is no  knowon cure for Crohns...yet. 
    If you don't have Crohns or IBD you really don't belong here. 
    Take your shit somewhere else.
  9. Let no good deed go unpunished
    You're welcome
  10. LOL where did the "All organic, I'm gluten free with Perrier" guy come from? I agree with Crony. My fiancé's mom has been a pediatric icu nurse for 30 years and she's dealt with kids with Crohns... Umm explain the years of eating habits in that? ALSO she is a HUGE advocate of natural remedies, essential oils, juice plus, etc. She marketed for juice plus for a few years and made some serious money doing it. Even she knows that there is no cure, only possible treatments to improve quality of life. I don't put my health in the hands of some juicing nazi on grasscity after a couple posts. ON A BRIGHTER SIDE... I just picked up a high cbd strain for the first time and will post results with it. I'm waiting till the morning where I can really test it's power in the midst of a flare.

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  11. Hello! I just joined a program here in Colorado to start receiving my RSO/PT oil at a significantly reduced price. I as well have crohns among a few other things. I am currently expirementing with various additives such as agave necter, coconut oil, and soy lecithin as bioavailibility is everything. Too many and i mean too many times has my medicine not been absorbed. Taking a gram of oil a day sublingualy is also no an option as the oil burns your tounge and mouth in large quantiies.

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    Please post results as I am curious about the claimed effectiveness of soy lecithin/coconut. I believe that it's worth trying, but I'd also be interested to hear your process and results. Thanks for the post  :bongin:
  13. I bought two CBD strains yesterday... here are the names and test results:
    Blue Dynamite: 3.5% THC, 16-18% CBD (I forgot the exact amount)
    Cannatonic: 5.3% THC, 16% CBD
    This morning I was feeling cramping, a pressure on my abdomen and bloating and stuff, as well as the creeping pain... I vaped two decent sized bowls of the Blue Dynamite and felt relief within a few minutes. As of right now my stomach has minimal symptoms and I'm chillin'. Today at some point I will test out the Cannatonic when the Crohn's gremlin comes 'round again.  :devious:
    Hi, bless your intentions. To honor your commitment, I did some research, and the guy who wrote the book, Jordan S. Rubin.
    He has his degrees from places not recognized by scientists, and his theory is based on the Bible. Already there alarm bells should be ringing furiously
    ^ that's from a published medicine journal, which means it is peer reviewed. (Source: Helen Davidson (2008). "Maker's Diet". In Jacqueline L. Longe. The Gale Encyclopedia of Diets: A Guide to Health and Nutrition. Thomson Gale. pp. 643–46)
    Peer review seperates the legit scientists from the bullshit artists. J. Rubin just wrote some shit and published it, he didn't even submit it for peer review, which bullshit artists tend to avoid. Because then they get exposed
    If a series of juice cleanses was what it took to cure Crohns, there would be a different order of business, and would be presented in medical journals. Doctors would know, specialists would know. That isn't to say it wouldn't work on a specific case basis - after all, there is a man who has been cured of AIDS; human genetics are so complex that what gives one person a disease could give the next better health.
    Eating healthy is never a bad idea either, but the Bible Diet has no scientific, peer-reviewed and vetted evidence behind it. 
    So J. Rubin is a bit of a snakeoil salesman, and should NOT be promoted. Not by you or by anyone
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    Bible thumpers bother me too, but I can assure you, the science is sound.
    I can aslo assure you that funding and grants for scientific research are provided by those with an agenda to control the 411
    with a little searching you can find lots of whistle blowers, who usually get discredited by those with the resources to protect their investments
    I'm sorry but your assurances hold no weight. I'm not saying that to be harsh against you, but the whole basis of medicine revolves around being able to prove that your method for healing works. You don't prove this to wide-eyed 'civilians' who don't know anything other than what you've told them. You prove it to peer scholars who know their fucking shit. You prove it with experiments and data that can be replicated with the same results. Then, and only then, does a method hold weight.
    I do agree that there is corruption in the medical industry in America. However, I would argue that you are naive if you think EVERYTHING done in medical science is dictated by evil corporations out to make a profit. 
    For this specific case, there is no peer reviewed approval of "Dr." Rubins work. He's doing like you, assuring that it's alright, assuring that it works, using himself as an example. I argue that unproven methods like this do more harm than good when it comes to healing those who do the suffering. 
    I have a friend with Crohn's and he feels best by pureeing his meals to soup like consistency.  Also, small meals throughout the day seems to help a little too.  Every time he time eats enough to get really full, he suffers.
    Cannabis oil didn't do much for him, though he still tries.
  18. As few as 3 years ago there were no commericals on TV promoting probiotics, but people like Jordan opened pardoras box.
    To control the opposition (natural emedies that work) commercial probiotics being sold. All are derived from commercially raised dairy cows, whose milk is loaded with antibiotics and has been pasteruized and homogenized (you might want to look those up). The resultant products (including commercial yogurts) are sorely deficient on the very enzymes and organisms that will restore the GI balance, which is critical to resolving IBS/Chrones, etc
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    you keep grouping IBS and Crohn's. IBS is a functional bowel disorder and Crohn's is an inflammatory bowel disease. They are two different things. Crohn's is in the same category as Ulcerative Colitis. My GI doctor told me it is even possible to have both IBS and Crohn's at the same time. I believe in juicing because I've seen the results first hand... However, at best it's in remission and symptoms are minimal. It's funny too because you've still never answered Crony as to if you've even suffered from these conditions. You still haven't answered my question about my fiance's mom dealing with kids in ICU due to Crohn's disease. How is it possible that an 11 year old develops severe Crohn's disease to the point that they get hospitalized? I do a lot of research, but claiming that I know the cure to a disease that so many people struggle with and some die from is far fetched. It is also incredibly insulting that you hi-jack this thread only to bash the purpose of it.
    The purpose of this thread was to share experiences with fellow Crohn's patients and discuss various Cannabis treatments. If you wanted to contribute, it could have gone something like this: "Hey, I heard natural probiotics from so-and-so work great for your Crohn's, you should give it a try!" 
    People come here expecting something from the title and instead they find a persisting argument between blades.
    If you want to spew your natural probiotic cure-all spiel, then create your OWN thread and allow people to peruse it.
    Unlike your internet studies and novelty book reading, most Crohn's patients HAVE to see medical professionals in order to increase quality of life and reduce suffering. At the very least it is necessary to see a GI doctor for undiagnosed symptoms that may lead to a Crohn's diagnosis. My point is, if you think that you have more medical knowledge on the disease than someone who's had it for years, been through multiple colonoscopies, tests, and meds, then you are so ridiculously wrong. My GI doctor is EXTREMELY informative. In fact, I gave my fiance's mother a list of all GI doctors accepted on my insurance and she talked to one of the main GI specialists at the hospital and he pointed out my doctor and one other. I promise you, I know what I'm talking about.
    Furthermore, you make me increasingly skeptical when you start that conspiracy theory bullshit. Next thing you know you're going to be telling me about the Freemasons, Bohemian Grove, and the Illuminati. I mean let's be honest, this site takes all kinds. I just browsed through an article about Organite and positive and negative energies helping grow your MJ plants (LOL). I hate to say this, but seriously bro, lay off the pot, it's obviously not helping.
  20. The cause of both is the same
    The information is out there
    Now, you're welcome
    and goodbye

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