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Crohns and MMJ

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Habbi, May 6, 2011.

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  1. I have Crohns and heard MMJ is an option for it. Ever since i started smoking weed my crohns has never givin me a problem so if a moved to cali how could i get a MMJ card and what steps would i have to take.
  2. I know a few people here in CO with Crohns and med cards for it.... how you would get it here, is go see a physician (there are specialty ones just for mmj, to make life easier for us lol) and if you were under 21, you MAY have to go see 2 doctors, but if not, and you have any trace of a medical record, it would be fairly easy to obtain one here in CO with Crohns, i cant speak for cali however, but ive heard getting a card there isnt too hard at all either
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    Cool thanks man
  4. Please check the "Do You Qualify" sticky thread

    And also, there are quite a few threads on Chrons already in this forum, if you do a search you'll find quite a bit of good info.
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