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Crockpot vs Toaster

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by 1620, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone

    So I've been making some edibles lately (oil) and they have been coming out good (I think) but now I have some questions

    The first issue I'd like to talk about is using the crockpot. Under my circumstances, I can't cook indoors, and the crockpot is fine and good for that. I also take the toaster outside in order to decarb.

    The thing is I only use about 7 grams of herb per batch, which means that my huge crockpot would be no where near filled had I put the weed and oil directly in.

    Instead I just put the oil into a pyrex measuring cup and cooked it like that inside the crockpot. I've done this 2 times now and it has seemed to work (obviously it has worked), but a recently read post by BadKitty has got me worried. And he's always right so.

    He said somewhere that the sides of the crockpot heat up and that the pot should be at least 3/4 full. It was essentially implied that my oil mixture is not receiving proper heat because literally nothing is in contact with the side of the pot.

    So my first concern is validating this. Is this whole sides thing true? Am I wasting my stuff by doing it the way I have been doing it?

    If this is true, is there any way I can fix this problem without using more weed and oil (can't afford that) or without buying a new smaller crockpot?

    In the same said post, BK mentioned that diluting with water to fill the crockpot is not a good idea, which was actually the main point of the post but whatever.

    So if there is no way to fix this problem without buying a new crockpot, maybe you guys can help me develop a "final solution" (not you Hitler)

    The way the winds blowing is telling my brain that perhaps it would be possible to do the entire process using a toaster over? On one hand it's an oven and it should work, but on the other hand it's so small and seemingly inadequate that I can't imagine the process going smoothly (but then again, that's what I used to say about my penis. what?)


    So if anyone could offer some insight that would be nice. I know I just threw a bunch of stuff at you at once but you know how it is. If The Man himself could answer, that would be swell as well.
  2. Might wanna edit that post a lil bit so as not to offend the wonderful lady you're praising as a Man :p

    But back to the question at hand. If your toaster oven reaches 220 degrees Fahrenheit, then you can make the oil infusion in the oven, using decarboxylated cannabis, oil, and preferably also lecithin. Just bake it for a total of an hour and a half, probably longer though because it's a toaster oven, taking it out halfway through to further mash up the mixture and break down the glands. If you can't do this though, get your hands on some everclear, mix your decarboxylated/ground up cannabis into the crock pot with a decent amount of that, and heat that on a low heat (under 170 degrees), and reduce till you can add the oil, and finally reduce all the alcohol off until you're left with just the oil. Alcohol evaporates quickly even at room temperature, so you won't need excessive heat as long as it gets enough time in the crock pot to extract all the goodies from the cannabis.

    Hope this helps!
  3. I'm gonna take that as a yes I can cook it in the toaster. But I still need someone to ease my concerns over the size of the toaster ):)
  4. Size is not the issue, temperature is. As long as it can hold a steady temperature of around 220F then it could be the size of the empire state building, THC will still convert. I'd only worry about the steady temperature, it being a flimsy toaster oven rather than a thick insulated oven, the temp might vary over the time that it's in there; you could compensate for this by allowing more time for the oil to infuse.
  5. I would continue what you where doing but make a water bath, fill the crockpot with water, and keep your pyrex cup in the center, keep the water out. I do it int the lab all the time in odrer to evenly heat something,
  6. I like using a water bath for alcohol infusions, but with oil I prefer a more direct source of heat, and a water bath might be a little hard to work with at higher temperatures, when the water is going to be boiling.
  7. Hmm that actually sounds like a really good idea. I don't think my crockpot goes past 200 on low so boiling probably wouldn't be an issue, plus it's easy to measure the temperature of the water should it get too hot. I like this one
  8. Good luck with the infusion, and tell us how it goes!

  9. Put a folded cloth on the bottom of the crockpot on which to place your cup. That will keep the bubbles from the bottom of the cup from turning it over and it will keep your jar or cup from cracking if it got too hot. :)

  10. I'm having trouble visualizing the scenario, but you mean to say that the cloth will end up being submerged with water, right?
  11. Not trying to sound like a dick answering for him or anything, but yes that's what he means. Just wanting to see you get this answered as fast as possible so you can get to making some tasty medibles ;)

  12. Thanks for answering, just wanted to make sure I didn't fuck up 100 of weed. I thought possibly but unlikely that he meant just do it without water on the rag i dont know im high right now.

  13. When the water in the crockpot starts to get hot, it creates bubbles under the bottom of the jar. Sometimes those heat bubbles get pretty active if the temp gets high and it can cause your jar to tip over. The cloth keeps that from happening.

    I'm sorry, I should have explained it better. It took me a couple of tries to picture it, too. Fortunately, GroBox was in the area and got you taken care of.:smoking:

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