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Critter Poll

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Mar 27, 2003.



  1. STAY! obvoiusly.

    0 vote(s)
  2. go.

    0 vote(s)
  1. a pretty obvious outcome i think, but one worthwhile anyway to show whats what.

    shoudl critter go or should critter stay?

    ps... Namron, i didn't make a poll like this for you because I KNOW your not going to leave... you wouldnt be as cold hearted to do that to me.... and besides i still wanna know how things go with your best friend because that same shit is happening to me, xcept my friend is getting married to his bitch*

    * i mean it.
  2. DEFINATLY STAY!!!! hes a cool dude :)
  3. dang right... i hope he sees this when everyone comes to sign this petition.... the save critter petition. (dang i wish i had called this thread that... hey mods can u change the title?)
  4. i like the guy, and his alter ego 2

    i think he should stick arond
  5. Deffinately stay mann!!!!!
  6. critter, critter2, and pompus ass!!
    all ya should stick around!
    n I mean it!
  7. Critters like one of the first members, he cant just leave, He cause a collapse of possibly the entire universe. Him leaving would upset the fragile amount of electisity flowing through the telephone lines therfor disrupting the flow of Atomic particles (also known as "dark matter") That would thus change our universe from open to closed which would eventually cause gravity to pull all of existence into an infinitly small point. So there you have it, If critter leaves, The world will literally end.

    Please dont go, Critter:):)
  8. CRITTER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!
  9. i see the 1 person who voted "no" didn't have enough guts to explain himself.

    critter. please don't leave!

  10. werd
  11. ???? i think there has been far more going on behind the scenes than we are aware of...

    i want to know who has some beef with critter?
  12. ^^^^^ ditto, i dont think anyone on this site should even have to consider not coming here anymore cuz someone had to be an ass
  13. mm..beef.

    think mods can see who voted what..n we can see who had to go n be the 1 a-hole :/
  14. Stay, obviously :D
  15. hey... everyone has the right to their own opinion...

    ... even if their opinion makes them an ass.
  16. You might as well close this poll.......

    Critter is gone and is not coming back..

    It's a great loss for the city..

    I hope we don't loose any more people, but I know there will be more....

    Here today gone tommorrow!!
  17. It's a sad day for the 'city and a tragic loss for mankind.

    Please don't let some dickheads get the better of you critter, you mean so much to all of us here!
  18. I miss Critter already :(
  19. yah who is this tard who voted no?
  20. critter,critter, better not go or ill be really really mad at'cha :D
    and sides, its hard to tell who'd pick up an follow you.
    who knows mabye it'll work i blew smoke on for exta measure

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