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critter i just topped ya

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. i think....i just had mysef a very healy big ole inhale if me bongwater :D
    i choked on it...
    AND spilled it!

    i think i just had another "moment"
  2. Ewwwwwww.....LMMFAO!!!!

  3. several years ago i teased him about spilling his bong, me not having one, didnt qqqquite understand the ramifications of bongwater. :D
  4. Now we have a race to see who tip over the bong more...

  5. Just thinking about the smell made me stop eating my pizza. :(
  6. people, people, people. i thought we were all hardened drug criminals here. so who's afraid of a little bongwater going astray into your lungs and then straight up through the nose again on exit as an encore :D

  7. My dumbass friend has tripped over it twice. Tipped it over with a loaded bowl. Sucked in bong water and spitting all over the floor.

    Wow is that it, shit...
  8. there is this stuff you can buy at high altitude head shop, theres a link to it hear i think, and you spray to get rid of bong water smell.
  9. hey, it comes with the gonna own a bong, be prepared for the water...

    it happens, as long as you change the water efore it looks like mudd it doesn't smell that hey isn't that what they invented fabreeze for anyway?

    plus... at least you didn't cough in the bong and send the water shooting everywhere all over your pants....
  10. lmao..gotta love bong water..
    Atleast ya didnt get it poured down ur pants, thats not a fun thing :p
  11. eeeeewwwwwwww I hate gettin' bong water in my mouth!! Usually when I spill it, it's on me then the floor!

    Did I ever tell you the time that my husband was holdin' a bong and a beer - he went to take a drink and it wasn't the beer he got a drink of? It was the funniest thing!
  12. ugh bong water is so nasty! one time my friend rick had his bong water for 7 moths with out changing it!!!! he smokes like every day like all day outa that bong too!! it was nasty just to inhale the smoke...
  13. umm to elimate the taste put koolaid in yer bong lmmfao

  14. do you have any idea how many times ive caught myself reaching for the bong instead of a drink,...never have took a swig...but........ ive reached

    there ya go critter its what i get for teasin ya.

    *edit.there we go stonie, thats what we get for tilting back and sucking too hard

  15. LMMFAO!!!! You just set yourself up, Higha!!!!
  16. Nicely done! :D
  17. Bong hits and blow jobs.......sounds like a good answer to any question and the most perfect name for a book!! I'll be havin' a signed copy of that, please z-dude.

    Bong hits and blowjobs.......see what ya started there, highya? Tilting back and sucking to hard.........gonna drive these men crazy! Wetting my lips and putting it up to my mouth................sorry guys!!!! Couldn't help myself!!
    Highya started it!!

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