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    im a relatively new grower...ive been using some very basic things that havent given me much yield so im trying something new... kind of a frankenstein of different brands all of which are gona be used during flowering ..let me know what you guys think:

    general hydroponics:
    flora micro
    flora bloom
    flora grow

    advanced nutrients:
    sensi-cal mg bloom
    voodoo juice
    bud candy (thinking of switching this with floranectar or sweet since it doesnt have many good reviews online but a few of my buddies swear by it)

    liquid karma

    anything i should subsitute? change? add?

    id have some very dissapointing yields and im trying to enhance my yield and quality....

    ps: growing sharks breath with rockwool and a drip system
  2. I would just go with the gro micro and bloom from GH that you have with maybe a root hormone like power thrive or pureblend. You should be able to get good yields just with the GH stuff tho. You could PK spike it 1/2 way through flowing. But MAKE SURE your not blaming the nutrients for your low yields cause there so many more factors to take into account. Maybe this little video will give you some useful info:
    [ame=]YouTube - Nutrients Mean What... and how...[/ame]
  3. thanks for the input.....buuuuuuump
  4. You're planning to use eight different ferts for flowering? Are you purposely trying to make this as complicated as possible?
  5. thanks for the useful post
  6. Hey man I'm no xpert and I always encourage ppl to do what makes em happy, but..... How the he'll can u afford voodoo juice and any other high priced additive from advanced?!?!?? Idk if u were trolling around online and saw advanced and figured shit if there gunna charge me 100$ for a freakn liter it must be the best... Nothing from advanced is worth what their charging and if u check out sublbc on YouTube he puts them to the test with not very good results. This migt sound like I'm tearn on u but I'm not I'm just tryn to save u hundreds of dollars. If u want additives go with botanicare or my fav(for most additives) Humboldt, both cost basically the same and perform just as well if not better that that ridiculous priced poopoo juice. Idk mabe u have 100$ for a litr but most wud say it's just doesnt make sense. Please remember I'm not tryn to badmouth ur nutes it's just the fact that anytime I see ppl using advanced it makes me crazy knowing that ur not paying for a better product but rather a better hyping or basically paying for the name.... Anywho, I really wanna kno y u pushed out that much cash for nutes....

  7. Nutrients don't make a huge difference. A good nute line will make a good grow even better, but they will do nothing for a bad grow. If you are yielding really low (which you might not be, IDK since you didn't say how much you yielded) it's due to other factors that aren't nutrient related most likely.
  8. Oh I forgot to say what I wud swap and for what.... For ur poopoo juice u pay 325$ for 4 litrs which is crazy just go on and compare voodoo w/ the equivalent (I say humboldt cause I feel I best suits me, this may not be true for u) I think voodoo is a root stimulator right? If so u can get humboldt "Roots" which is still pricey but cheaper, as for the sensi cal-mg, well im not sure on the exact price of it but I'm sure Humboldt makes a pure mg additive and a pure ca additive so if u don't need one u don't need to add it, and they have a cal-mg additive which is basically identical to sensi but way less $ and it's called equilibrium... And then I think u said u were going w/ bud candy which SUCKS and I wud replace this with botanicares "Sweet".

    Now u can prolly replace all the advanced nutes for less then u spent on just the poopoo juice so it may be sumthn to consider.
    Oh and let me just stop all the die hard advanced nutrients fans here that I'm sure to get an ear full from and juSt let u know I don't care what u have to say about y their crap us so expensive... There's no Xcuse for it... So all advanced fans let it be known that ur words will fall on deaf ears!!

    I hope I can bring u back from the dark side b4 u go too far and persuade u to stop Payn crazy prices for shit u can get for 75% cheaper
    Happy Growing,

  9. i absolutely agree...advanced is WAAAAYYY too overpriced...but honestly the only place i hear them getting bashed is internet growers who are no help and dont want to share their nute line up...the few growers that I KNOW swear by them so i kinda picked my mixture of nutes based on growers i know vs research i did on the internet...this next batch is basically my test run, but given the fact most hydro stores ive been to are getting rid of all their an series and the fact they cost and arm and a leg im def lookin for better alternatives...

    like i said im just lookin for GOOD nutrients that will work and help my poor yields...or line ups from experienced growers that work

    im here to learn and any input is much appreciated
  10. Hell, I'll gladly tell you what works. It's not like you're competing with me or even within my market in general, but you probably won't use it - Jack's Classic All-Purpose for veg and Bloom for flower. No additives, no funny potions, no magical spells. The cost in minimal as a bonus. Good luck.

  11. I think what you are doing is way-overcomplicated and completely unnecessary. So the first thing to understand is where this idea is coming from, just maybe the premise of the question is flawed. Helping someone to sort that out seems plenty helpful to me. :cool:
  12. well im glad you think youve helped lol
  13. Nice assortment
  14. Hey man I saw ur post and if u want a good solid nute company then jst go with botanicare or humboldt. In my opinion they have very competitive prices and a very similar product line up. They both have great high-powered additives and actually if u mix the 2 brands ul have a great set of nutes. Now the only other thing u REALLY should consider buying would be Hygrozyme, it is pricey but it's justified in my eyes. It's just a great thing to throw into ur res change-out or just whenever u water ur babies.
    I hope this helps, as for what additives to get well that's up to u
    Happy Growing!!!
  15. buuuuuuuuuuuump
  16. I don't understand what ur askn then... Uv got mad replys and they all answer ur main question. Mabe u shud just use piss and milk those are the best nutes..,,
    Have fun weirdo
  17. What else do you need to know? Just because all of those nutes have different names doesn't mean there any different then each other. Did you watch that vid? Its all NPK. Its all the same. Pick one.
  18. not tryna get anyone upset lol..just tryna get as much info as possible
  19. There's this new invention you may have heard of; it's called a search engine. I can't believe you expect folks to contribute, when you can't even make the effort to type out a legible sentence.

  20. lol wow

    i didnt ask..."what are the best nutrients?"

    i asked...."what do experienced growers think of MY nutrient list"?

    not really something you can do a search on...

    im sure you have better things to do than attack strangers on the internet...or maybe you dont


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