Critique my final plan...and a few q's...

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  1. -Ok I have a 2x2x4 ft grow box, the entire inside is painted white

    -I have one fluoro (for now) horizontally on each wall, anywhere from 12-16 inches in height (these are 2', 20 watt, cool white bulbs).

    -One 250 Watt HPS light (possibly using a 270 watt sun agro bulb for flowering)

    -Vent connected to a blizzard fan (just a regular fan) it ranges from about a foot high from the base of the box to nearly 2 feet high...It is not oscilating but due to space restrictions I'll just have to move and rotate the plants every so often...

    ~70 CFM exhaust fan located at about 3.5 ft high (i have a few small fans for reserves)

    -I plan on vegging 4 plants, and maybe flowering that many (luck and space permitting)

    -I'm gonna grab some pretty basic soil today (NOT miracle grow soil)

    -I'll probably end up using seeds from dank...seeds are really hard to come by around here (i guess thats good cuz the weed is better)

    -I'm going to train these plants from the beginning, and probably use some trimming, pruning, etc. (but not around the one month stage as I have heard that his stresses the plants and can cause males more easily)

    -I will start using fertilizer in dilute amounts around the 2nd week (probably when the plants are around 5 inches or so?)

    -I'll slowly change from veg nutes to bloom nutes around the 1st week of flowering

    -I'll water about twice a week depending

    -fertilize like this: water, water, fertilize, water, water fertilize etc

    OKAY, so questions...
    Should i fertilize once every two waterings like that throughout the grow, or change it up a bit for flowering and stuff?

    What about urine in the fertilizer?

    Is the Sun-agro 270 watt hps bulb worth buying? (ill have a regular 250 watter when my light comes) the agro is about $50

    I want more info on foliar feeding, i cant seem to find any definitive source as far as this goes....Should i do it at all? Should i use ferts, should i use seltzer water?

    I'm still debating on organic or chemical ferts...i know there are many different opinions but YOURS could help me decide

    Please let me know if im missing anything or if you have any pointers


  2. Well, seems like your planning a lot lol. But the bad thing is, every plant is diffrent. Some plants will like you doing certain stuff and some wount. And DO NOT use piss as fertilizer... for one its disgusing and it can kill your plants if it has too much nitrogen. Also the other shit in your piss could damage plants. I would stick with the regular 250W bulb, $50 seems a lot for an extra 20 watts lol. I personaly like chamical ferts because i tried organic once and it didnt really work out very well.
  3. I can comment on your foliar feeding concerns and some other stuff..

    I usually foliar feed daily if I'm around.. sometimes twice-three times a day. However it's usually just water with no nutes, thats all.. I just do it to keep the plant a litle cool during hot daylgiht hours.. if you want, you can put VERY LITTLE nutes in your spray bottle along wth the water but i would be careful.. I did that during vegging and I seemed to use too much nutes.. almost lost two plants..

    Urine is no good.. it's way too acidic and will most like kill your plant in a day or so.. I would shy away from any urine..

    Organic/Chemical ferts are basically up to you.. everyone is different. Pick one and see how it does, nxt time try another one.. I think the best thing to do for this is to just trial and error..

    On watering.. put your index finger into the soil all the way.. if it's still moist at the tip, you should leave the watering another day.. I've found (with my plants anyway) that they dont have to be on a real specific watering long as they get the right amount at the right time..

    hope i helped :) good luck!!

    EDIT: Oh and start a grow journal here if you want.. you'll probably have alot more people helping you out if you decide too..
  4. ^Yea, grow journals are always good... people start watching them and tell you if your about to fuck something up... or tell you how to fix stuff if you fuck something up. Always nice to have journals lol
  5. Yeah i was thinking about that...ive read a few that have helped me a lot already.

    Should I start it here in "Indoor Growing" or in the journals section?
  6. Doolas
    Start a grow Journal under "Grow Journals"
    Ask questions if growing indoors under "General Indoor Growing"
    And if/when your plant runs into trouble put it under "sick plants" section.
    Everything in your grow looks good except your space which we are discussing in your other thread. 2x2x4 will be enough room for 4 small to medium sized plants, their 1 gallon pots (tops) and an HID light with its reflector. Anything more than that and it will be too cramped. That is still kinda pushin it. Anyway, organic or chemical. There's a topic that can be talked about forever. I am curious to know though what troubles you ran into with organic ferts Goosie.
  7. Why do you think that anything more than a 1 gallon would be too big?
  8. 2 reasons
    Anything more than 4 one gallon pots wont fit in that space and anything bigger than 1 gallon pots and the plants will just grow too big. Like I said, my one gallon pot takes up 10x10x9 inches just by itself. Try putting the pots in that space before getting your heart set on something you can't do.

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