Critique my closet box plans! Hydro/HPS (Pic)

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    First post here. Hoping some of the more experienced members can highlight any potential downfalls with my proposed setup. Supply list with approximate build cost to follow (Ive ball-parked it at about 550).

    Specs on most components are included in the image. Everything is accurately to scale with the exception of the ballast which I guesstimated. Scale is 1" = 1'. Let me know if I left anything out.

    Appreciate your insight.


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    i would put something to seperate the balast and res ... water really dont like electricity.. best to put wiring and ballast at top easier to control heat isssues . unless you want a semi res heater but if so just just buy a aquarium heater or mat cheaper than frying you ballast. if you could make seperate container for wiring and ballast would be ideal. also think about ventilation. if you went 4'x3' and had extra 12" on one side you could do ballast and ventilation in seperate compartment wanted to get fancy put all the wiring in the side and get a lower longer res so get more height. just my .02. also if you change setup from drip to say bubble/ DWC you dont need res. draw you a sketch just need drawing prog so be later tonight
  3. thanks bblunt, Im planning on using a sealed reservoir so Im not too concerned about leakage onto the ballast. You did get me thinking about the ventilation design, and Ill probably add another 4" axial fan or two down at the bottom near the ballast to help keep the temp down.
  4. umm i would keep intake by the bottom and exhaust out the top sorta convection thing happenin. help to push out heat from the lamp also bring cooler air in closer to ground. id think on dwc (easiest) or aero if dont mind tending loose alot of space for extra res and pot space. if you wanna do drip you could save a few inches and space use 6" pvc pipe. work same as pots just angle a little and have big enough spout for drainage. working on plans for a bubbler/ aero combo veg /flower cab aint gonna run more than 700
  5. Quick update on this. Thanks for the feedback guys, this project is officially active. You can find the build and grow journal in my sig!


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