Criticize my first grow. Constructively, of course.

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  1. This is my first cannabis grow. I did a few weeks of research before starting, but want to make sure I'm not missing anything. I'm growing a feminized sativa called Bubblicious from Nirvana seed bank. She's She's planted in 80% coco and 20% perlite and I'm using Gen Hydro Flora Series nutes with CaliMagic. I'm using distilled water and pH'ing to 5.8-6.0 after adding nutes. Ive got a 150w HPS supplemented with 42w 6500k CFLs, just one for now, but I'll add more as she grows, I bought 4. My cabinet has a 110cfm axial fan on top for intake and two mini USB fans for circulation. Lights on, the temp stays between 72-76° and 25-40% humidity. Lights off, it gets down to 63-65°. She's on day 10 from planting and started getting 1/4 strength nutes on day 4. I'm going to 1/2 strength tomorrow. I'm roughly following the GH feeding schedule. I plan to get a carbon filter and installing an exhaust fan before flipping to flowering, which will probably be a few more weeks. What do you guys think? Any advise would be appreciated.
  2. Don't see any pictures but I am glad you can take critisism. Too many new blades get so butt hurt hearing any negativity. One guy on here was having major heat stress. Everyone was telling him that but he HATED me. Lol. Anyway his plants didn't form much trichomes at all due to it. He even pulled the thermometer out of the tent to take a pic instead of leaving it inside the tent so we couldn't see the real temp. Whatever haven't seen him since his harvest. Probably pissed at his outcome.

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  3. What kind of cabinet are you growing in? Looks like you've got everything rolling. Just a matter of time now. I find myself making tiny adjustments as I go. I can't tell by the picture but it looks like the fan is pointing at the plant. I'm really reaching here man your grow looks good. I've also got a 150 watt hps and two 100w cfls. As long as you keep fresh air circulating she'll be fine. I have trouble keeping my house cool during the summer. Do you have ventilation out the top. Exhaust fan. I ended up pointing a small fan out on of the vent holes in my tent to keep air moving out and one fan seemed to be enough to keep the plant happy. Again, it looks great. As you get closer to summer I would be concerned about heat. These are tough plants, but heat makes for light, airy buds. Which is what I got with my first one. Heat was pushing 90 during summer with air blasting. Good luck.
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  4. Thanks for the reply. It's a 5-foot tall garage storage cabinet. I have the axial fan mounted on top as an intake, but no exhaust as of yet. I'll install one with a carbon filter before I flip it to flower. I have one fan pointed at the plant and another pointed directly at the HPS bulb to help dissipate heat. For now exhaust comes from gaps in the cabinet frame on top, around the doors, and some small holes in the bottom of the doors near the floor. I have it in my basement which never gets above 65-70 degrees even in the summer, so I'm not too worried about excessive heat.
  5. Thanks for the reply. As a noob, I've got no problem taking criticism from those who know better than I do, as long as they're not a dick about it.
  6. Hey dude can uj p!ease point me in the direction of where I can get like that exact stealth cabinet bud? I'm doing 450w led in soil. 2 plants. 1 or 2 235cfm hurricane axial fans one on each side of tent on top next to lights. Prlly get a 110cfm for intake. Considering building a diy AC n venting the cool air into bottom hole.. I live in the hottest most humid state in the US. So overkill is good when it comes to ventltion
  7. I'm pretty new to this cultivation thing but I think she looks good. It does look like you could transplant into a bigger pot soon. Solid start!!!
  8. I haven't seen Charlie for a while but maybe he'll pop up. See the date on the thread?

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