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  1. It sprouted yesterday and i have been spray dampening the soil but i check this morning and the leaves seem to be curling any help on this

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  3. You should be fine, some seedlings look 100% healthy, other sprout looking a little deformed. Wait for its first couple sets of true leaves before worrying.
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  4. Dude - how many threads are you going to start about the same seedling? You started one Sunday, you started one Tuesday, and you started one today. I'm not trying to dump on you but relax and let it grow.
  5. When you start a seed off in a massive container full of soil, better be prepared to be patient and let the plant do it's thing. Your seedling needs NOTHING from you for quite some time. The first thing they do is build out a root system and just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not working it's butt off below the surface of the soil right now. They do not grow very much or use any water to speak of until this root system is finished. Leave your plant alone PERIOD until you can lift that big container of soil and it's light as a which point your plant will need water. Water it well, saturate it slowly until you begin to have runoff of water out the drain holes, and then put it back under the light and go away again for many more days. It's only after the plant has time to mature quite a bit that the grower's constant attention is needed. But messing with it and putting more water on it is just going to kill it eventually. It's going to take it some time to get to the point that it does start growing vigorously above soil level, but you will see it begin to put on new growth at a faster pace. You'll know the root system is good at that point and the plant is putting on foliage. But you NEVER EVER water a plant unless you can lift the container and feel NO WEIGHT. To remain healthy with a soil grow, they need defined wet/dry cycles. The roots do not like sitting in wet soil constantly. TWW
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  6. Dropping knowledge thanks mick so i will not water untill saturday
  7. You sound like it shit im just tryna get the best outta what i have no wants to reply on the same thread so i made a new one so ppl can see and help didnt know i couldnt post
  8. Like I said - I'm not trying to dump on you. I just don't understand starting three threads in 5 days about a seedling that's only been out of the ground a couple of days. How much can possibly go wrong in 2-3 days? Everybody here is eager and willing to help people when they have a problem. Good luck.
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  9. Day 5 gave it a cup of water on day 3 and a quarter tb of protekt also added other light how do you think she doing temp is 82 and rh is 54 20170625_121618.jpg 20170625_121612.jpg 20170625_121601.jpg 20170625_121618.jpg 20170625_121612.jpg 20170625_121601.jpg 20170625_121618.jpg 20170625_121612.jpg 20170625_121601.jpg temp
  10. Good l.i.t.f.a
  11. Meaning lol
  12. Leave it the fuck alone...:lmafoe: = l.i.t.f.a
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  13. Day 10 since sprout put it under a humidity dome for 3 days looking to spray some neem.oil on it and also feed it with water anmolasses was wondering how much and i feed it a cup and mixed protekt on day 6 should put protekt in the water and mollasses as well and ph it ????? 20170701_134238.jpg 20170701_134238.jpg 20170701_134208.jpg 20170701_134149.jpg

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