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Critical super silver haze

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Luxap89, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. ha scrolling...beat by auto correct again!

    yea i hear ya...for being a very meticulous with my plants im actually a very lazy person lol...

    Now...i got a couple of questions...

    1. with the net is it best to do it with twine/yarn or some sort of string or buy some sort of net/fence of some sort?

    2.pvc or wood?

    3. does the screen have legs/feet? i see some with legs and i see some with just a square net and the plant is pretty much holding it up...i think the pic a saw with the net with no legs was because he need his plant to be mobile..which i do also...

    it will definitely get done one of these days and i know i could do i cause my lst method is pretty much the same thing without the screen lmao...

    hmm...mainlining...interesting...i keep all my bottom branches though...WHERE THERES BRANCH! THERE IS BUD!

    yo dish when the hell are we gonna see some seedlings? i heard about the feline catastraphy lol that shit better have 8 lives left but i heard you were popping some more in???
  2. I never heard of the term "mainlining" but I basically did the same thing. Tops and pulled the 2 main tops to both ends of the tent, but didn't cut off undergrowth. Those lower stems went threw the scrog screen and grew straight up right toward the light. It looks pretty cool.
  3. to answer your scrog questions,
    1) I've seen a lot of people with chicken wire and the sort, I'd suggest twine or some kind of string, so you can easily cut it out of your plant when you finish. never tried the chicken wire or screen cuz I felt like that would be a hassle to detangle my plant in the end. string you just cut the ends and pull the string through and voila! you have a screen-free plant
    2)people say pvc is toxic as it offgases. I use it because it's easy to breakdown and store as I'm always moving. the past two years I've never stayed in the same apt for more than two grows. This time im in Germany and my lease ends in june, then I move back home for the summer, then come back here again to finish up school, so pvc is good for storage and reusing, etc. but wood is good if you don't need to take it down and move it anywhere after each grow because its sturdier and heavier. but then you have to consider mold issues if you get water on it, or splinters, whatever
    3)Legs and feet are good. I considered actually hanging mine from the top of my tent so I can pull the whole screen up when I do res changes (I'm in dwc so it's nice to have something holding my roots up while I change out the bucket)
  4. I'm having difficulty figuring out how to post images on here....all it has is URL paste. which does me no good
  5. [gallery][​IMG][/gallery]
  6. [​IMG]
    there we go. think I got it.
    first picture is of the whole setup. second picture is of my first plant, she's coming along
    the last picture is of one of my seedlings that started doing something weird. I had to turn off the system for about an hour because my realtor decided to let herself into my apt....I come back and now the roots are growing backwards-going up instead of down. I don't know how to reverse this so I'm just letting it do its thing. tried to transfer to the bucket but it ended up drying out part of the stem so I threw it back into the dome. anyone have any idea what's causing this or how to fix it?
    I was considering feeding it a light root accelerator tonic with some bennies, hopefully stimulate root growth so it starts growing down again. I just don't get why it did that
  7. WTF!?...dude cannabis some some weird ass shit when it isnt going normal...i cant even help you with that...

    if it was me i would try my best to break down to rooter without damaging the roots and put it in soil but youre in hydro so i dont even know??
  8. IMG_20131215_195634_284.jpg

    well guys heres the damage report...drum roll please..........................................

    186.8 grams...thats 6.67 ounces way over a qp on one plant...a personal best!

    in actuality, i have two more branches drying so i hit 200 grams...id call that a success ladies and gents

  9. #70 Luxap89, Dec 16, 2013
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    Oh and this shit hits like a hammer! Got one nice rip from my bong and POOF...to outer space I went...ONE HIT!
  10. very nice luxap! where'd you get those blue ball mason jars??
  11. yeah I was thinking of pulling apart the rooter and putting it straight into the system. I have no idea how else to handle it. I figure i'll give it a couple more days in the dome then try putting it into the system.
    Everything was fine until I turned off the lights for an hour...then I guess it made a huge stretch or something along those lines. oh well, I think I can get her to pull through, I just need the roots to hit water and the stem to bulk up a little. we'll see what happens.
  12. Cant even tell ya...I had the four regular mason jars and ran out of space and my buddy that was staying with me had them lol..he wont mind if I borrow them :D

    Yea that's what I was thinking...I don't do hydro but I know a lot of people just put the plant in the hydr oton sometimes...and like you said as soon as those roots hit the water its all systems go...just make sure those roots don't get any light...I don't even know why I'm telling you this cashier you're doing husk and know all about that shit...for a weird plant it does look healthy though...
  13. yeah it's tough to keep the roots from not getting light though obviously. I'll probably put it in hydroton in the next day or two and see how it does...

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