Critical Mass x CBD Autoflower

Discussion in 'Bud Shots' started by AceTen, Oct 15, 2022.

  1. PXL_20221010_203751688.jpg PXL_20221010_203741458.jpg PXL_20221010_203748576.jpg PXL_20220915_223415611.jpg PXL_20220915_224131243.jpg PXL_20220915_221337210.jpg PXL_20221010_203738075.jpg

    Still in the midst of curing, not as pungent as the last batch I cured so I'm a little disappointed and hoping it'll get louder but this time one plant did have a pink hue (see pics over green grass background) and I did yield more than last time so I'm proud the yield and the pink is cool looking at least cool

    I did 7 days on a drying net (son was born and had to let them sit unattended longer than I'd like). After 7 days I put them in jars. After about a day in the jars I didn't like the smell so I did 24 hrs back in the drying net. By then I finally got my cvaults in the mail so it all went into the cvaults and has been in those ~3 weeks so far getting burped once a day

    The third cvault with the bud that looks more green than red is super skunk auto. Loud af and smokes well but a it has a looser bud structure than I'd like

    All in all I can't complain (too high to)
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  2. Yeah all those buds are so beautiful and I like it fluffy myself.

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