Critical mass grow - topping question

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  1. I have 2 critical mass clones that were about 3 inches tall , I LST’d them best I could, with minimum experience doing such, and I topped them both, they are very big now and almost all shoots are the same height as the top of the plant.

    My question is, I want to know opinions on possibly performing one more top, but this time on one of the lowest branches on the main stock.

    I was hoping to make the plant focus on thickening the bottom of the plant, vs the top being the thickest and most focused part of the plant. Any feedback or opinions would be great


  2. Photos - 2 days ago

    Feeding DNF A + B gro at 2/3 strength

    Any advice would be great

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  3. what a power house of a producer this plant is ive never known any other strain to produce plant mass like this does its simply mind blowing keep use updated on these please :) good luck.
  4. @GrowerAnonymous bro post your gz pics and let op see your result :)
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  5. Mainlined, topped 4 times to produce 16 main colas, ill allow her to grow vertical now.

    20190531_134955.jpg 20190531_135000.jpg
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  6. will keep posting updates through the grow, thanks for the input.

    I was oringally planning on vegging them under this 4 ft T8 light and than moving them outdoors for the flower cycle, since my location is very supreme for outdoor growing. The only option I had for flowering outdoors was to leave them in large pots on my deck on the back of my house. I hope they produce good being outdoors as this will be my first grow at my current location, I am hoping they will get enough sun.
  7. It looks like you started topping very early.

    How many times did you top it the first time you snipped it?
  8. Topped at the 3rd node, then pinned vertically and then topped another 3 times on each main there after.
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  9. Another picture, last topping was early this morning, see how theyve all turned back to the light already.

    20190531_223933.jpg 20190531_223952.jpg
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  10. BD8CB6E1-8EAA-4FC8-A630-B9B1D26FD4E2.jpeg 19CCFA5B-70D1-4533-8C6B-A1D9ED9BC7CD.jpeg EE178022-923D-46F8-8FE4-5B2D0ABB7044.jpeg Update on the girls , still have them under the 4 ft T8 x 4 - thinking about picking up an LED from the local electrical store, it is also 4 ft long but I am concerned about the possible temperature rise inside the grow space. I have never grown with LED’s.

    fresh air is currently being brought into the grow space via a 5” non insulated flex pipe from outdoors, which has a 5” booster fan + filter inline with the flex pipe to help draw air in.....

    QUESTION - IF I do add this 4 ft LED grow light to the space with the T8’s should I plan on reversing the air intake and make in an exhaust to remove heat? While keeping a fan blowing in the space, or should I run a second pipe to the outdoors?
  11. Ideally you should be running both, bigger exhaust fan to create negative pressure.
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  12. i second what G is saying defo
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  13. Had two that were very resilient plants I topped ones and then fimmed them.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  14. Nice harvest

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